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How to arrange and keep a personal diary - an activity for young ladies


Now there are many social networks and blogs, many of them replace the old way of keeping a diary. On the Internet, people share their emotions and plans, although they don’t even know how to keep a personal diary. Emotional blog posts and on the pages of a live magazine are similar to a personal diary, but sometimes it’s difficult to share feelings with an electronic machine, then ordinary paper options come to the rescue.

Classical notes in a notebook have not lost their relevance until the end, they are still popular among schoolgirls and adults of different sexes and status. At the same time, many people are not going to start writing down their thoughts, no matter in a notebook or in an electronic document, although the benefits of this process are tangible.

Why keep a diary?

This process is not in vain called the personal diary. This is something deeply personal - emotions, dreams, plans. Often notebook entries become witnesses of the violent tears of schoolgirls in love and the first business combinations of young entrepreneurs. From this follows the first reason for keeping a personal diary - it helps to throw out emotions and structure thoughts.

Interesting! Psychologists advise emotional people to keep records in order to subsequently evaluate themselves from the outside and learn to manage feelings.

Another reason is the possibility preserve memories of the situation with those emotions that the writer experienced then. After a few years, many people read their notes with pleasure, recalling funny and sad moments from life, plans and dreams.

The third reason for keeping a personal diary is the opportunity to express all secret experiences, indecent thoughts and pent up anger. Sometimes it’s impossible to yell at an unjust boss, take revenge on an offender or have an affair with someone. Entries in a notebook or electronic document allow you to do anything with your boss, the offender, and other people on your pages. Thus, this relieves stress, while allowing to assess the situation from the outside.

How to start a diary

Some teenagers and adults do not have a question how to start keeping a personal diary. This occurs spontaneously during a period of falling in love or life's turmoil. Sometimes mothers about their children or schoolchildren themselves try to start keeping personal notes at the request of doctors and teachers.

Another group of individuals are junior and middle school girls. For them, this is a hobby or a mass phenomenon when spreading at school. There are also people who understand the need for a diary or feel lonely. All this divides the record makers into two groups:

People from the first category are not interested in the rules and fictitious conventions for maintaining personal records. They just write where they want and the way they want. The result is the most sincere and emotional diaries, but difficult for subsequent reading by the owners themselves.

The second group is interested in how to keep a diary according to the rules, what requirements should be presented to it and what it should contain. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to give such exact recommendations, they are too individual, although you can approximately learn how to keep personal notes.

How to keep notes

Filling out a paper version with your thoughts or electronic is an individual choice. The same can be said about the rules for filling out the diary. It’s important to learn one thing - it should be comfortable.

Some people are more likely to quickly write down their thoughts in transport, others need silence and a lot of colored pens, markers and all kinds of stickers, photographs, newspaper clippings. You just need to understand that there are no specific rules for recording. A personal diary is an untouchable space of each specific person, he can do what he wants in him and how he pleases.

What will be inside the diary depends heavily on who will keep it. The student’s personal notes will be filled with tags and ideas, the housewife can complain about poor-quality household chemicals or rudeness in the store, and the businessman will write down modernization plans or thoughts on loan restructuring there.

Frequency and volume of filling will also be individual. for different people, although girls schoolgirls should be highlighted separately. For them, a personal diary is something special, colorful and tender, and sometimes gloomy and incredibly rude. Moreover, all people need to know only a few of the same principles by which a diary is kept.

The main requirements for a personal diary

To keep a diary, you do not need to try to make it like others, although no one forbids using other people's ideas for personal notes. Observing just a few requirements, anyone who wants to learn how to keep a personal diary:

  • write down what you want there
  • prevent anyone from reading personal notes,
  • Do not try to push records into an uncomfortable format,
  • Feel free to draw, draw or cross out notes,
  • don't try to look good in your notes,
  • re-read sometimes, and then share written thoughts.

Appearance, electronic or paper format, pen color, recording density and other criteria do not need rules. For each person it will be correct to write in the way that suits him, sharing his innermost thoughts.

Caution! It is necessary to separate a personal diary from a worker, school, medical, sports and other things. They can be combined into one, but then the teacher, doctor or trainer will want to get acquainted with him. This will prevent the author from writing his innermost thoughts there sincerely, without looking back.

If a girl compiles a selection of newspaper clippings, photographs, and facts about the biography of an actor or singer, this does not stop her from giving her girlfriends read notes. At the same time, if thoughts about feelings towards the star are recorded there, then the girl is unlikely to want anyone to read them.

Starting and keeping a diary

It was said above that recordings of events begin to lead in 2 ways. Spontaneous keeping personal records does not require comments, the diary is already there and it is filling out, such people do not need to be taught how to start keeping it.

A conscious desire to keep notes makes it possible to initially envisage the nuances of the future diary by choosing the format, style and method of filling.

Start recording with these steps:

  1. Decide on the format - electronic or paper.
  2. Choose a program or buy a notebook, diary and pens.
  3. Think about when and where it will be more convenient to record.
  4. Decide on the structure of records - free or sequential.
  5. Find out where the paper version or password for electronic will be stored.
  6. Make the first entry.

These are the main points in starting a diary with the exception of 2 nuances. These are not requirements, but rather recommendations for convenience. One of them concerns the paper version of the records, the other electronic. In the first case, it is advisable to purchase hardcover notebook or notepad, this will allow the diary to maintain a good appearance longer and not wrinkle. When choosing the electronic option, you need to determine in advance where and when the records will be made, and already starting from this, you need to select the format - an online program or an inconspicuous document on a desktop computer.

For those who do not know how to share their thoughts spontaneously You can try the following recording algorithm:

  • when (date, day of the week, season),
  • who or what (me, she, dog, wind, car),
  • what happened / what did
  • what emotions evoked
  • what thoughts came to mind
  • what you need or do not need to do with it.

Such a structure is suitable for the diary of a younger schoolgirl, and for the notes of the head of the department of a large enterprise. The only difference is that events and objects will differ, as well as conclusions, a description of emotions and so on. Also, do not forget that this structure is optional - the points in it can be changed, rearranged, removed or added. Understanding more convenient entries will come over time, and for this you only need to keep a diary.

Important! The main rule of keeping a diaryit must be filled! How to start it, what to write or draw in it does not matter.

Correctly keeping a diary means only making entries in a convenient format and with a comfortable frequency. You can think in advance about the number of entries per day, week, month, or just carry it with you and share your thoughts with the diary at your first wish.

Having multiple entries per day is an ideal way to keep a diary. This allows you to reset excessive emotions, and immediately write down the right thoughts or good ideas. Not everyone can afford to keep records in this mode, someone understands the need for a diary, but they are not able to devote so much time to it.

For organized people, a way to fill out the diary in the evening is suitable, while the volume of the recording does not play a role. You can divide the entries into morning, day and evening, detailing the events of the day, or arrange everything in one text. You can also highlight what is happening at work or school, separately describing love or life experiences. There is only one rule for keeping a diary; everything else is very individual. Over time, everyone chooses a way to fill it in a more convenient form for him, it remains only to begin to lead it.