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How to make a bed in Minecraft


The main functions of the bed in Minecraft are to pass the night through sleep and create a point of rebirth, the bed also looks good and will complement the look of your room in the house. To go to bed, you need to right-click on the bed, the player will “fall asleep” for a few seconds if the action occurred at night, and in the daytime he will receive a notification, in multi-user mode the player will fall asleep, but morning will not come until all the server players go to bed .

Minecraft Bed Recipe:

In the craft field 9 × 9, we put 3 wool on top and three boards on the bottom. Wool can be of any color, like boards, the bed always turns out the same.

The wool is obtained from the sheep with scissors or after killing the sheep, processing is not required.
Boards are crafted from wood, any tree that can be cut even with bare hands in the absence of an ax is suitable. One unit of wood is enough, 4 units of boards are crafted from it. Craft boards:

How to make a bed in Minecraft: the necessary materials

At first glance, it might seem that making a bed in a game is quite difficult and that requires a large number of different materials. However, in practice, everything looks much simpler. All you need for a bed is wool and firewood. It is these two materials that you have to find or get. So where to get them?

  1. Tree. More precisely, the boards will say. Any kind of wood is suitable for this, so choose the tree-like vegetation closest to you. Of course, its different types may differ in color or texture, but this will be noticeable only at the construction stage. Then, when crafting, all the beds are the same color. After obtaining wood in the forest, you need to use a workbench to turn it into boards. To build one bed in the game, you will need to prepare 3 pieces.
  2. Wool. Sheep is needed for wool production. It is from them that you can get it. There are 2 ways to do this. The first, which can be called humane, is shearing sheep with scissors. It suits those who already have scissors. The second one can be called tougher - after the death of a sheep, if it was uncut, one block of the coat you need falls out. Although there is still the opportunity to create it yourself, with 4 threads. And spiders can give threads.

Master bed

If you have already crafted something in this game, you should know that this requires a workbench. If this is your first job, then get a workbench, it will come in handy many more times. Having taken 1 block of a tree, convert it into boards without leaving the inventory, then fill in the cells, putting 1 board in each of them. So you will have your own workbench, used to make the bed.

To do this, place the workbench on the ground, not forgetting to activate it. After which a window will open in front of you, where you will see 9 free cells. Place wool in the middle row. Lay out the boards below. Please note that no matter what color the firewood and wool have, your bed will still be red.

Set the bed

Just making a bed is not enough. To be able to use it, it still needs to be installed. For this:

  1. You can put it only in a large room, since it will take 2 full blocks in length.
  2. To be able to use the bed, it must be properly installed. Pay attention to its direction. The pillow should be directed away from the player, respectively, the legs will be in the direction of him.
  3. Please note that it is impossible to install a bed under water, but there is the possibility of flooding it if the area was previously land. You can also sleep on the bed, which is located under water.
  4. If desired, the bed can be made "flying" and it will function normally. To do this, just remove all the blocks that were under it.

Important points

Just creating a bed for a full game is not enough. You still need to know some important points:

  1. When installing the bed, make sure that it is safe. If you fall asleep in an unlit room, you run the risk of being attacked. The room should be a box closed on all sides. However, even in this case, if you do not take care of the lighting, then the mobs will be able to get to you. And although they do not attack right away, there will still be little pleasant in this. To be completely safe, build double walls, otherwise, if the mob approaches your house, then you risk waking up in the middle of the street.
  2. In case of your “death”, the bed can become a place of your rebirth. For this, it is necessary to lie down on her and immediately get up, so she will become such a point of rebirth.
  3. Please note that if you decide to lie down on a bed somewhere in a superplane or go down to the lower world, then there will be an explosion that will destroy all things from your inventory and almost lower your health indicators to zero.
  4. The bed is used by players to skip the night as quickly as possible. At the same time, it does not affect other processes of the game (cooking potions, ripening crops, etc.). In network mode, there is also the opportunity to skip the night. This requires that all players from the network at the same time lie in their beds.

Bed in Minecraft

How to make a bed in Minecraft? This question often worries novice players. The fact is that this piece of furniture is very important and carries a special semantic load in the game. In order to skip the night (i.e. go to bed) you must have a berth. It is impossible to use it during the day, the corresponding message will be displayed on the screen when trying to lie down.

To create a bed, you must follow a certain sequential list of actions:

  1. If a gamer is a beginner, then the lack of scissors in his inventory will require the “killing” of 3 sheep to obtain 3 blocks of wool.
  2. Get 3 blocks of boards.
  3. To install a bed in the house, you must have 2 free blocks nearby.
  4. Place blocks with boards below, and with wool on top, you get a finished Minecraft bed.

It is worth noting several nuances when working with this element. Installation under water is not available, but there is an option when the already created bed can be filled with water and used for its intended purpose. There is no danger that the berth will burn in a fire; it is fireproof. You can place a place to rest on the blocks, after they are removed and an element is created, floating in the air, quite suitable for operation.

Minecraft Bed Hazards

There are a number of features with the placement of the game element:

  • You can not install a bed without the presence of free space in the amount of two blocks in height,
  • Do not place a berth on blocks - garden bed, glass, cake, foliage,
  • absolutely inappropriate placement in the Lower World, Paradise or Land,
  • don't be near monsters

These rules will protect your character from premature death. For the period of time when the main character is in a state of sleep on the created bed, the time in the game just stops. Game processes pause: wheat growth stops, there is no process of remelting ore. Unlike real life, where you can buy a sleeping place, everything is possible to create everything yourself in Minecraft.