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One of the casting directors, when asked how to successfully pass the selection, replied that no way and that universal advice on this topic does not exist. An exception for the "Boyarsky daughter" and similar professionals.

However, several films are released every week, television channels launch series, theaters present new productions each season, and brands update advertising campaigns. It is clear that Boyarsky’s daughters are not enough for all these projects. So how do actors go through auditions and get a job?

There is one universal recipe: to be a good actor. Well, and somehow prepare. The text to know, do not be late, do not come drunk, do not be rude - that is, ordinary human behavior. And already luck or chance will be applied to this.

Most often, the director roughly represents the type that he needs. Often, of course, he sees a specific actor - either one with whom he has already worked, or one who is mentally trying on this role. However, the statement is just as true that the casting can change everything, and the role of the hero-lover will not be played by the typical Tsyganov, for example, but by the slender blonde in glasses who impressed with talent, amazed, found the right notes for this hero.

Question with questionnaires is unpredictable. Because a good casting director is someone who immediately sees the hero. However, it is far from a fact that the director sees the same way or even wants to watch the proposed actor. More actors watch for the main roles, but there are also one-hundred-percent hits right away, however, in such cases, for producers and the customer (if the customer doesn’t “appoint” his own actor), three or four more people are watched to represent the spectrum, and then they are served favorably your candidate.

A good casting director is one who not only watches profiles, but knows these actors live, saw them in the theater or on other projects.

Samples do not pass on the principle of "found one actor, try it." Most often this is a conveyor, about 5 people go to the main, or even 15-20, to the checkpoints a day, if they also have samples.

How to successfully pass a movie casting

Alena Galliardt, theater and film actress,
over 40 roles in television movies and popular TV shows
("Ranetki", "Daddy's daughters", "Jumble", "Zemsky doctor" and others)

Even if I work with the director in a long project, I’m still invited to the casting for the next project with the same person. This is required by the producers.

Before the samples, I “knead” the text as much as possible, teach it, look for the image. Sometimes, I offer the director several options. At the site, he always clarifies various nuances, helps. Indeed, at the time of the trial, the authors, directors and producers went through a long preparatory period and know exactly what they want. Actors bring their own, than inspire the directors. I am often allowed to stay with my hairstyle and claim my costume options.

At the casting, I usually feel like I'm away. I carefully listen to everything that producers and directors say, all the details are important to me. And on the set, having absorbed all the comments, I, as a circus horse, confident in its spectacular movements, give out in full.

Success attracts success. At one of the premiere performances of the musical "Witches of Eastwick", where I play one of the main roles - Felicia, the director Evgeny Sokolov was invited by my partner. The next day, he made an appointment for me in the theater and announced that I was approved for the role in the comedy “Playing by the Notes”. I am often invited to a movie role or series in this way.

Try to enjoy this process! You need to want this role! This is the only way in this profession. Get dressed and get ready? Everyone knows everything about themselves. You need to emphasize your merits and look your best, and then everything will work out.

How to get into advertising and musical

Evgeny Galanov,
musical actor "How much is love" and "Bremen Town Musicians"

On duty, I have to go through auditions quite often, because this is an integral part of the profession.

I am not specially prepared for castings in commercials. There is a standard story: Predstavlyochka, fas-profile-pens. It’s quite simple to seem.

For listening to theatrical projects and musicals, a reading is usually prepared (poem and prose), often it is necessary to sing and demonstrate their choreographic abilities. As a rule, the repertoire in this case I choose on my own.

With samples in the movie, the situation is different. Usually the scene text for samples is sent in advance. It is far from always known what role you are taking. And sometimes you try for several roles at once. In my practice, it happened that I came with an eye on one role, but got a completely different one. It depends on many factors: the director’s vision, prepared repertoire, mood. even the weather.

I found out about casting in the musical How Much Love Costs online. He sent a request and, having received confirmation, came to the appointed time for listening. The task was informed to me in advance, it was standard: read a poetic text, sing, repeat the dance link proposed by the choreographer. I prepared a few versatile poems in genre and mood, I took a flash drive with a backing track with me, just in case, because during auditions they often ask me to sing and a cappella without accompaniment.

Casting results rarely speak immediately. So this time I had to wait for an answer for more than two months. As a result, now I am working on the main role in the production, this is the role of Eugene. It often happens that casting in a musical takes place in several stages: first the vocals, the next round - a dance or reading. And this process is stretched in time.

For beginner actors, I would advise to present my personality as brightly as possible. It is important not to doubt and not be afraid, and this only happens when you are 150% ready. If you have something to say to the world, then the world will certainly hear you.

As for clothes and preparation for casting, these are purely individual things and depend on a million factors and reasons. It is necessary to try to be adequate to the situation and at the same time be prepared for any accidents. Good luck to everyone and cool projects!

Advice from a connoisseur of Broadway school

Artyom Lyskov, film and theater actor,
graduate and teacher of the Institute. Schukin,
graduated from the theater institute of Lee Strasberg

The most important thing for an actor is to know the text, no matter how strange it sounds. The artist must come prepared for the casting.

It is important to understand that castings are part of the profession, not to worry, be in a good mood and not be late. It is necessary to be organic, not to replay, to be able to "subtly" exist in the proposed circumstances. They need you for who they are, your personality is interesting! It is not necessary to dress specifically if there is no corresponding regulation. Clean tidy clothes, better than casual, in which it is comfortable and nothing distracts from you.

In America, auditions are called audition or screen test, there the process is no different from ours. There is another interesting view - impromptu, "cold reading" or cold reading. You get the text already at the site and prepare in 5-10 minutes. In the USA it is important to have a good profile where you indicate your height, weight, eye color and tell about yourself. Sometimes this business card is enough to receive an invitation to the project.

9 reasons why an actor may be refused a role

Larisa Krupina, theater and film actress,
Director, Artistic Director of Your Stage Studio

The reasons why the actors are denied can be conditionally divided into two categories: professional data and objective conditions.

The first category includes:

Poor physical condition, lethargy, fatigue.

Careless appearance, aggressive makeup, inappropriate clothing: try to avoid white, black, red and light green colors in dresses.

Unpreparedness: poor knowledge of the text, or retraining: the load on your program of vision of the image.

Disabled attention. Reluctance or inability to correctly and quickly fulfill the requirements of the director.

Missing the type.

Mismatch with the future partner (you do not "mount" together).

The second category of reasons:

Your busy schedule is not the same as your movie.

To participate in the project, you need to have additional skills: know languages, have a driver’s license, play instruments, be able to sing, etc.

Lack of a passport (if shooting is planned abroad) or expired documents.

Successfully go through the casting and get the role will help preparation, self-confidence and a box of luck. Those who believe in signs (and superstitions are especially common among actors) should remove yellow colors and shades from their clothes and clearly learn the address where the samples will be held. Confuse the door - the role will go to another. But if this role is yours, then neither the door, nor the outfit, nor the weather will prevent you from getting it. More than 1600 actors wanted to become Harry Potter. But as soon as Daniel Radcliffe appeared in the studio, the entire film crew realized that the young wizard was found.

Each casting passed increases the chances of getting a role, you just need to get to the same casting, which will make you a star.