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How to get more likes on Facebook


With a competent approach, Facebook can help you both achieve popularity and promote your business. Using the page, you can convey the necessary information to the end user, in the language of sales people to “touch” leads, and all this without unnecessary imposition. One of the forms of user interaction is the “I like” button, which indicates the usefulness and relevance of the material and is a kind of signal to attract the attention of the rest of the audience. The more likes the published information gains, the higher the page rank rises.

It is worth noting that user confidence in the information appears when the material has been positively evaluated by other subscribers. For many users, putting a thumbs up is much easier when the information has already gained popularity and gained a large number of likes. In this regard, to popularize the post, Facebook likes are actively used. This method works flawlessly, so not only beginners use it, but also many advanced authors.

In general, for success on Facebook, the following are the most important of the most important:

  • relevant and interesting regular content,
  • attracting new subscribers, both natural and smart cheat,
  • increase in audience activity, in particular, using likes,
  • compliance with limits and recommendations of facebook.
[note] We’ll immediately warn you that you should be careful when using followers on Facebook, because Facebook, like other services, really doesn’t like cheat, nor bots, nor services offering such services. And it may well block and block accounts in case of exceeding the limits and frank abuse of these tools. [/ Note]

You can wind up the number of subscribers and likes in various ways. We offer you to get acquainted with some services that allow you to promote pages without much effort.

Free wrapping methods

Do not expect that by creating a post you will immediately receive a lot of likes and subsequent earnings. This is possible only with famous authors, world stars and figures. If you do not belong to such personalities, then you should be patient and use the following services and do and win cheats and cheat Facebook followers for free.

Bosslike - allows you to get likes without investing money. To do this, you need to register on the service, select a resource for work and observe the results. Cheating on Facebook using this service is quite safe, as Bosslike claims to have no bots. Mutual exchange is offered here: first you like the pages offered and thereby gain points, which you can then exchange for likes for your page. Everything is very simple.

Another simple wrapping scheme is offered by another service - Fastfreelikes. It also offers cheat Facebook followers, reposts and comments. For each like you put, you get "likes" on your balance. Then you spend all these typed likes on your personal Facebook pages.

There are many similar services on the network, among which are also A d-social,, Vprka and bonuslike.

[warning] Do not use multiple wrapping services SIMULTANEOUSLY! Otherwise - a ban! Choose one and use it! [/ Warning]

Facebook Like Like

So many misunderstandings and even showdowns arise due to likes in the FB, that it is high time to carry out a mass eradication of illiteracy and save friend-connections. The more people read this, the more peace and understanding there will be, so let's like and share.

So! Like on Facebook doesn't mean Like! Although many people still use it in this sense, for several years “Like” means "Facebook, do not hide from me the news of this user, this page." The fact of the matter is that. FB Zuckerberg decides for you what to read, and if you do not interact with your friend, in the end Zuckerberg will forever hide him from your tape. Zuckerberg considers Chat the first interaction in value, then Cher, then Comment, then Like. If you want to firmly pin a user to your stream, you need to chat with him, then comment on, share and like any of his posts.

ATTENTION! If a person likes the post “Everything exploded and everyone died!”, This does NOT mean that he likes that everything exploded and everyone died - he just wants to receive news from this friend or page.

If a person clicks on the page of the fascist and deceitful television company X, one cannot conclude that he likes this television company and its activities - it is likely that he just wants to keep track of what about whom this television company was ordered to lie this time. If the same person “likes” the next lie of TV company X, (see above) - this does NOT necessarily mean that he likes this lie. This may mean that he does not want Zuckerberg to hide this and the subsequent lies from him. Why does a person need to read lies? Suppose journalists need this to analyze the situation in the country. It is clear that Minister L always lies, but you need to know what he is lying about today and like his lies so as not to miss what he will lie about tomorrow.

It’s not a good thing if you are not friends, but simply follow some person. You don’t enjoy a couple of days, don’t comment and that’s all - you will see his posts only if your friend zherёt or comment. The same garbage with pages. So go to the profiles, comment on like, and if the user asks: “Why did you write me in all the posts“ Interesting! ”“ Give him a link to this post.

Threat Of course from Zuckerberg must be beaten, but where.

UPDATE! He remembered that a half-day petition to Zuckerberg was walking around the FB one or two years ago, to bring the button "This is some kind of fucking" to the Russian FB to reap it when it completely jars from the "like". A lot of problems would be solved, by the way: I’m not like the page of this fascist television company, I’m like it.

On YouTube, things are even worse. There is a button "Do not like it" and some recklessly use it. They’ll see a video where, for example, the police beat people and press the “Don't Like” button, wanting to show that they don’t like that the police beat people. Youtube perceives this, that you don’t like the video from this user on this topic and the next time he will hide the video from this author in the "related videos" section and in the search results.

Method number 1: change "likes" for the opportunity to participate in polls and polls

Surveys and polls are one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of Facebook users and make them “like” your page. Most applications for creating polls on Facebook, for example, Facebook Poll (free) or Wishpond (paid, but there is a free trial period) have a convenient option: they allow you to vote and get acquainted with its results only after the user ticks “ Like. "

This function works like this: when you try to visit the poll page, the user sees a splash screen with an invitation text and a Like button. By putting “like”, the user can vote, study and comment on the results of the survey.

The Wishpond application allows you to choose a standard image for the screensaver or upload your own. Also, you yourself create text for the splash screen. In fact, this is a landing page that should generate conversions.

Method number 2: give out discounts for "likes"

Discount coupons are one of the most effective tools for attracting an audience. By offering the buyer a small discount, the seller reduces his profit. However, it is almost guaranteed to increase the number of transactions.

By handing out coupons on Facebook to potential customers, you can simultaneously solve two problems. First, you will drive sales with discounts. Secondly, you will get a lot of “Like” marks. To do this, simply exchange coupons for “likes”.

This can be done using the Facebook Coupon App and the Group Offers App. The first allows you to create personalized discount coupons that are activated using the “Like” mark. The second allows you to activate the discount after joining the promotion a certain number of people. Applications are paid, but there is a free trial period.

Method number 3: offer e-books for the marks "Like"

Often, exclusive content designed as an e-book attracts users more than discounts. If you work in the B2B segment, books, white paper and other educational content can bring you hundreds of “likes” and new customers.

Typically, brands create a special landing page for e-books on a corporate website. Having landed on such a page, a potential client should provide some information about himself. After that, he gets the opportunity to download the book.

To increase the number of likes, you can create a conversion form directly on the page of your brand on Facebook. This can be done using the free Wufoo app. This application allows you to create landing pages and publish them as a separate tab on the brand page on Facebook.

Method number 4: get "likes" through advertising on Facebook

Facebook ads are one of the easiest ways to get likes. You can target your ads by selecting an audience based on demographic characteristics and interests. You can also show ads to subscribers or customers whose email addresses are in your contact database.

Remember that advertising on Facebook is different from contextual advertising on search engines. The user sees contextual ads when he searches for specific information related to your field of activity. Relatively speaking, he is ready to buy, so contextual advertising generates many transactions.

A potential customer sees your Facebook ad when they view a news feed. He is not going to buy. To attract the attention of such a user, you must offer him valuable or interesting information. As noted above, this may be educational content, discounts, or the opportunity to participate in surveys.

To get your “Like” marks, select ads in the right column. This option allows you to show ads only to users who have not “liked” your page. The ads in the right column include a Like button, which increases the effectiveness of advertising.

If you are advertising a Facebook page for “likes,” use the appropriate call to action. Create a CTA using the "like it to get z" formula. As the variable z, you can use the above discounts, surveys or e-books.

Advertising on Facebook can attract users to landing pages designed as brand page tabs. This allows you to receive “likes” of pedantic users who are not ready to use the “Like” button in an ad, because they want to first familiarize themselves with your page.

Method number 5: add the like button or the social Facebook plugin to the site

The Facebook social plugin or the Like button is a good alternative to the Email Subscription form. They allow visitors to your site to “like” without visiting your business page in the largest social network in the world.

The Like Box plugin is one of the most effective like generators for brand pages. Firstly, it can be added to the site within one minute. Secondly, it does not spoil the appearance of the pages. You can change the appearance of the widget to adapt it to the design of your site. Thirdly, if your site is visited by a user logged in to Facebook, the plugin shows him photos of friends who have already “liked” your page.

To set up “like box”, visit this page on Facebook, select the necessary settings, get the code and paste it into the site code.

Method number 6: add a Like button to the site header

Place the Like button in the header of the site. It is better if the button is located in the right or left upper corner of the page. This button will not bring you hundreds of "likes" in a few days. However, she will consistently collect “Like” marks.

Publish a simple call to action next to the button. Remember the “like to get z” formula. To install the button, visit the page on Facebook, select the necessary settings, get the code and paste it into the site code.

Method number 7: change "likes" to access an exclusive video

Records of industry conferences, webinars, interviews, and trainings always attract the attention of users. Why not sell this content for your Like? You can publish the video on a separate tab of the brand page on Facebook. It can be accessed using the Wufoo application mentioned above.

For this method to work, you must meet two conditions. First, the video should be truly exclusive and useful to users. Secondly, the audience should learn about the existence of this content. To achieve this, use Facebook ads.

The Miami Heat Basketball Club has created a Fan Zone tab on a Facebook page that publishes exclusive videos. Access to the fan zone is open only to users who like the club page.

How to collect "Like" marks

Don't expect your page to quickly get thousands of “Like” tags. Tons of "likes" per day get only movie stars and cheaters. If you do not belong to one of these categories, be patient. Use the methods described above to consistently receive "likes" from users who are really interested in your page.

Paid Services

If you don’t want to waste time completing tasks, then you can get a subscription and likes using paid services. You can promote your Facebook page using the following tools:

  • Likemania - helps to get likes on Facebook. Very simple interface, convenient for working with a tablet or smartphone ..
  • V ktarget - after registration, you are provided with such opportunities for little money: wrapping friends on Facebook, getting likes, disseminating information. Here, those who wish can earn as a performer.
  • Soclike - the service focuses on safe and innovative methods for promotion rather than wrapping. Feel the difference in words!
  • Cashbox - the project offers for very small amounts to collect likes and subscribers from live accounts with a subsequent guarantee. Orders can be tracked using statistics. The platform interface is quite convenient and understandable. There is also the possibility of a small income.

Quite convenient conditions and prices for advertising companies are offered by such services as Socialtools, Likesrock and several others. If you are simultaneously looking for information on how to make money on Facebook, then at these sites you can also find acceptable conditions for this.

[warning] Do not use multiple wrapping services SIMULTANEOUSLY! Otherwise - a ban! Choose one and use it! [/ Warning]

Other features

Cheating subscribers and likes on Facebook for free is possible by other methods. Many optimizers actively use contests for this, which allow attracting a large number of interested users. For example, to get a win, you can ask users to mark “I like” and become a subscriber.

If you make money through the Facebook page, you can safely use coupons to increase likes. This is a great tool that gives a good result. For example, offer your subscribers a discount coupon in exchange for a thumbs up. To create a coupon, you can use the application of Wishpond “Group Offers”. Payment is made only after a certain number of people confirm the offer with "likes."

Another old, but still effective way is a block or a like button on the page of your website or blog. Many people do not want to subscribe to updates via e-mail, and it is for such an audience that these buttons work fine as an alternative.

The cheating of Facebook subscribers is not an entirely white method of promotion, but at the same time it works without much risk, subject to the limits and recommendations for promotion on Facebook. You have the right to choose the appropriate option for cheating likes (subscribers) to attract more people.

softolet - online services for business.
Link to the material is required!

In addition to services, you can use software and programs to solve the tasks of cheating, promotion and promotion in social networks. The main advantages in the payment - there is no monthly rent (I bought the program once and use it) and a little more freedom of action. Cons at greater risk in technical aspects.

  • Quick Sender is a business processor for the VK. There is a free version. The author is a fan of his craft.
  • LSender VK - distribution of advertisements, Vkontakte messages, dialogue.
  • LInviter VK - promotion of Vkontakte groups and accounts.
  • LParser VK is a parser for searching your target Vkontakte audience.
  • OK Sender - "Swiss knife" for OK (classmates). It can be downloaded for free.
  • Lsend OK - для Одноклассников. Рассылка, гулялка, парсер и прочее.

Программы с помесячной оплатой (как сервисы):

  • Sobot - лучший аналог VkBot (вк бот), во многом превосходящий его. Масса функций, поддержка по бесплатной линии 8-800.
  • Twidium - комплексное решение для раскрутки твиттер-аккаунтов. Один из немногих действительно хороших инструментов для Твиттера на русском языке.

Роль лайков в Фейсбуке

Можно было бы по традиции сказать, что лайки в социальных сетях – выражение солидарности и признания, и так далее, и тому подобное. But when it comes to sites like YouTube and Facebook, things change somewhat. On a popular video hosting site, for example, if you put dislike, user videos and related topics will stop showing to you.

This, you see, is a little stupid, because we most often express an opinion about a specific publication, and not about the content as a whole. But even more stupid everything works on FB. Even if the person you are friends with, you can stop seeing his news in the feed if you completely stop contacting.

Of course, reposting, chatting or commenting for the system will be much more valuable, but if this is not feasible for you, at least regularly check the “Like” marks. In addition, you probably already saw that in the most popular Western social network, you can put a Like on a public. This is some analogue of a subscription. By doing this, you can observe the publication of the page in your feed.

That's basically it. So, if you saw that a person put a mark “Like”, then this is an ambiguous recognition of the quality of the content. It is possible that a person wants to continue to watch the news of the page, so he clicked on the ill-fated button.

In addition, before you put your finger up in the photo, remember that nowadays, any manifestation of your opinion on social networks is taken very seriously. For example, not so long ago in Switzerland there was a case when the mark “Like” by the court was counted for an official signature.

Ways to cheat on Facebook

I could tell you how to like on Facebook. But it’s too boring (and here’s how to remove like in the article: “How to remove your own or someone else’s like on Facebook?”) So we’ll immediately turn to ways to quickly get “Like” marks. In general, in terms of wrapping up the FB does not differ from social networks popular in the Russian-language segment of the Internet.

  1. You can order the services of a special person who will catch up with you. But most often such people use bots, so the quality of the received is rather low,
  2. Your activity. By this I mean both working with hashtags and mass-linking with mass-following to the target audience. Automate this process can complex promotion services such as Pamagram, Zengram, Doinsta and other analogues.
  3. Services, applications and programs for wrapping. I combined this list with a tool in one item according to the principle of the mechanism of work - usually the algorithm of action is the same. In addition, all of them are usually free with a few exceptions.

Online services for cheating on FB

And now we’ll start a kind of advanced education course. The first lesson will be wrapping services. Usually the work in them is structured as follows: you give away activity and get points in return, which you can spend on anything on a social network. I hope that in this situation, the fact that I did not tell you how to like Facebook on a photo does not hurt you.

And now I will give you a small list of tools that can become reliable friends and helpers for you:

  2. Bonuslike.
  3. Fastfreelikes. More details about the service.

Cheat app

Services are, of course, good, but much more convenient when the wrapping is always at hand. From this point of view, gadgets as a tool for getting activity is the best option. But when it comes to Facebook, we are faced with problems already at the stage of searching for a suitable option. In application stores, there is not a single option that could help us out. It seems to me that we can see this because such tools are deleted by the administration.

How to be Search for options on the Internet, on ordinary sites. And the owners of iPhones are very inconvenient - despite the fact that IOS has been modernizing and improving for many years, it is still a closed system. Therefore, such an obstacle can become fatal for owners of apple products. If you have an Android, I can advise Takefriend.

Some of you may know this site. It works as a kind of message board where people offer reciprocal subscription. But this is not limited to - there is a button on the service with a proposal to download the apk file. If mobility is important to you, try it. But remember - even in the application store, you can stumble upon a virus, to say nothing of prohibited distributions.

The program on the PC for wrapping

With programs that give you like Facebook, everything is also not so rosy. The main reason is the low popularity in RuNet. Of course, one could search the open spaces of the English-speaking Internet, but this, it seems to me, is not very convenient. After all, even if people in Russian-speaking countries, in principle, for the most part know English, however, not everyone knows it at the right level so that using programs in English is convenient.

There is, of course, a way out. However, I am very sorry that I cannot give you a selection of several options. Therefore, you have to be content with the small. In the case of a PC, BroBot can help us out. It is rather a service of integrated promotion, works with the help of mass actions. Nevertheless, if you need to roll up one page, you can use all the functionality for free.

Limits for cheating on FB

It is very important to know what restrictions the administration of the social network imposes on users. However, it is not in their interests to officially announce specific figures, because in this case the very essence of the limits will disappear. Therefore, many of the restrictions that you have come across on the Internet, have been derived empirically. And when it comes to Facebook, the numbers are too different. Therefore, all I can say: pause between putting likes, comments and subscriptions.