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How to make Halloween decorations - scary beautiful!


Every year, more and more enthusiasts are ready to put on terrible rags for the sake of entertainment and decorate the house for Halloween. If you belong to them, there are some tips for your attention on how to decorate a house for a holiday very simply and quickly. In this workshop I will show you how to make Halloween decorations with your own hands - 20 options with step-by-step photos on how to decorate a house are scary beautiful!

How nice it is to dilute gray autumn weekdays with a bright, warm and tasty holiday. Let this holiday come to us from the Celtic countries and its roots go far into Western history, this does not interfere with the warmth of residents and other countries.

In Russia, the attitude towards Halloween is still ambiguous. Someone considers it an incomprehensible and uninteresting event, which only young people are interested in, and someone is enthusiastically waiting for him to have fun from the heart!

How to make Halloween decorations

In any case, it is worth starting to prepare for this holiday in advance. To make the party in the right style, you should first take care of the decor of the rooms in which it will be held. Unfortunately, in Russia there are very few places where you can buy decent jewelry for this holiday.

It is best to order them on the Internet, although chain stores often add themed accessories to the assortment before the holiday. But you can do everything with your own hands. So, let's make our Halloween house scary beautiful!

The most popular jewelry are:

  • Carved eyes
  • Cobwebs and spiders
  • Ghosts and Witches
  • The bats
  • Walking zombies and mummies
  • Brooms, magic wands and other belongings
  • Black cats in all forms
  • Candles, dry leaves and other attributes of autumn.

A pumpkin went around the garden ... and got to the party

The main attribute of Halloween, of course, is a pumpkin, and it has many options for embodying the most daring fantasies: it can be cut out in the shape of a head with a terrifying smile and crooked teeth, dressed up with an elegant hat, painted with colors, wrapped with bright threads or covered with black lace stockings - who what is capable.

Pumpkins sing in the fields in October. And you can bring one such huge fruit to the house, extract all the flesh, cut out the terrible face and put the candlestick inside.

In the dark, such a head will look very scary.

Now from a pumpkin you can make a real work of decorative art. On it you can draw intricate shapes and patterns for every taste, both with paints and with a regular pen. You can also cut beautiful lines across the entire surface or make through holes of bizarre shapes so that the chiaroscuro from the candle creates beautiful patterns.

Pumpkins come in completely different colors, shapes and sizes. Large pumpkins should be placed near the entrance to the house. Smaller ones can be placed in rooms. They can be decorated with beads, sequins, rhinestones (suitable for light pumpkins) or fabric, bows and buttons (for bright orange pumpkins). On the surface, you can depict drawings of spiders, cobwebs, bats, etc.

See how you can quickly and easily make a bat out of pumpkins.

You can also cut funny faces and scary pictures. Also, pumpkin can be used as a flower vase. You can put asters, chrysanthemums and any other autumn flowers in it. Here you can use rowan brushes and autumn leaves. Small pumpkins can be made by candlesticks. It will look very neat and comfortable.

How to make a plasticine pumpkin for Halloween

Perhaps because Halloween takes place in the fall, pumpkin is the centerpiece of the day. It can be a decor item, a costume, or a children's craft. The main thing is to ask a terrifying appearance, scare everyone.

On our site,, we offer an option for crafts for young children, since it is they who like to sculpt from plasticine. A pumpkin can be made from an orange block, but not one, but 3 at once. You can also draw wonderful muzzles with plasticine and a toothpick on a soft surface. And then make an unusual pyramid design, so to speak, a snowman out of pumpkins.

To create a plasticine Halloween decoration, prepare:

  • orange and black plasticine,
  • a toothpick.

We will make the autumn fruits from orange plasticine. Black is needed for the eyes, and you can also wear a black witch's cloak on the figure.

Divide the orange bar of plasticine into 3 servings, but not equal, but gradually reducing the amount of mass in each of them. Mash each piece individually in your hands. Pumpkins will be made from them, they will become original clods for creating a snowman. Ready muzzles will need to be assembled into a pyramid.

Roll the balls from prepared pieces. Then press each one down with your palm to make the balls more flattened. And it’s convenient to push the veins with a toothpick.

Now turn each prepared part into a muzzle. It will not be just a vegetable, but a kind of instance, which is one part of a single design. The first largest pumpkin has a hard time, because it is at the foot of the pyramid. Make a nose for her, a distorted mouth and pits for the eyes.

Also, attach a patch for decoration to show that the pumpkin-strongman has repeatedly burst, it was sewn up to be repaired.

The second pumpkin is in the middle. It is also difficult for her, but not like the previous one. She is surprised and trying to gather all her strength. Come up with her face expression.

For decoration, make a black blot on the side.

Now in line is the smallest and most cunning pumpkin, which completes the entire structure. She smiles and winks all around, her cheeks stand out, she is not hard at all, because she does not keep anyone on her.

When the pumpkin fantasy is ready, collect the snowman. Stick one piece to another in size.

Mash a large amount of black plasticine in your hands, crush it with your fingers, pulling out a very thin rectangular cake. From the prepared part we will make a long cloak with a cap. On one side, close the corners and smooth the seam with your fingers, pull out the sharp cap.

Glue the cloak on the head or rather the face. The cap will be worn over the head and descend in the form of a long cape.

An interesting DIY plasticine craft for Halloween is a unique composition that fits perfectly into the theme of the holiday.

How to make a pumpkin bookmark

The next pumpkin is a bookmark made using the origami technique.

The orange sheet folds as shown in the photo.

Then you need to draw a muzzle of a pumpkin.

Weave-weave, cobweb, big and small

Of course, without a web, a horror festival will not succeed. It can be cut out of black polyethylene and hang around all corners of the room. And you can go a more practical and aesthetic way - to paint and decorate wooden hangers - even if guests are still on the doorstep of the house, taking off their outer clothing, immerse themselves in the appropriate atmosphere.

If there is a web, there must be spiders. They can be cut out of paper and "put" in the lampshade by gluing to the inside. Or, for example, make spiders from egg trays and chenille wire.

Watch a step-by-step master class on how to make them yourself.

Here they are - our beautiful spiders!

Halloween ghosts and witches

As for ghosts and witches, then this is just a classic. Ghosts can be either simple, made from a sheet, or modern mechanical devices that move around the room independently and frighten guests. It all depends on the imagination and budget of the owners.

How to make a ghost from gauze

Such a ghost is made very simply:

  • dilute flour with water to the consistency of sour cream,
  • prepare a piece of gauze 10-15 cm wide.,
  • dip it in water with flour and cover a glass with a ball,
  • leave to dry overnight,
  • to decorate a finished ghost, for example, to glue eyes.

Witches and witches are the most common characters in Halloween. They can also be made a decorative decoration on the walls or a separate exhibit sitting in an armchair. They can be both frightening and playful. The main thing here is not to overdo it and not to forget about the hat.

More interesting ideas in the piggy bank

Paper witch

How to make a witch out of paper - see a detailed step-by-step master class here.

DIY witch for halloween interior decoration

This witch is made from improvised materials - from a plastic bottle, garbage bags and ribbons. The peculiarity of this DIY craft is that it can be used on Halloween to decorate the garden and courtyard.

DIY bats

The bat can be placed on any surface, as well as suspended from the ceiling or door jamb. The bigger, the better! They can be made from black bags, black adhesive tape, fabric and other materials. You can just buy a toy in the store. Nearby you can put a web and plant on a not a huge spider. It is convenient to make a web from gauze or thin woolen threads. Most guests will definitely be impressed.

How to make Halloween decoration - cork bat

These bats are made from cork corks and black paper.

To revive the finished mouse, do not forget to glue your eyes!

Black Cats

Black cats, as an ancient symbol of witchcraft, will be relevant always and everywhere. These can be stickers, carved figures, toys, figurines, and even drawings.

How to make a black cat out of plasticine - master class

Such a cat can be made together with the children - because they like plasticine modeling so much!

You should definitely remember the mummies when you decorate the bathroom, kitchen and toilet. The element of surprise is important here. And since guests usually enter these rooms individually and relaxing, the effect will be very unexpected. Decorate the zombie costume with red spots, and the mummy can be arranged even from toilet paper.

Items related to the magical world can be evenly placed in all rooms, giving the advantage of the hallway and living room. It can be brooms, magic wands, old hats, bowlers, etc. The picture is perfectly complemented by candles of different colors and shapes, wreaths of dry colorful leaves, as well as red apples and oranges.

How to make a plasticine owl for Halloween

An owl is one of the attributes of Halloween, it can also be molded from plasticine.

Feel free to decorate any candlestick!

Burn-burn-clear, so as not to go out! Candlesticks and candles are no less important objects on a Halloween feast than a pumpkin. As a basis, you can take a regular candlestick from the IKEA assortment, and then as your rich imagination tells you.

You can paint it, wrap it with a white bandage and pour it with red paint for a bloody effect, scrape it onto a wax web pattern, stick on blanks in the form of flies or bats - it's very simple!

How can it be without a festive table.

Halloween is the perfect holiday for those who break the rules, and this also applies to table decor. Only on Halloween can you find severed fingers or dead spiders among delicious dishes. For those who prefer a more classic style, we recommend using autumn natural decorations: yellowed leaves, mountain ash, chestnuts, hay, etc. Burning candles on the table will give an atmosphere of mysticism.

This is a master class - how to decorate a table for Halloween.

To decorate the house for Halloween, it does not take much time and effort. The main thing is a bit of creativity, good mood and company. Decorating a house in a terrifying style in a fun circle of friends is a good workout before a noisy party, is it?

Perhaps, there is still much to tell about Halloween decorations, but these are the most spectacular and popular of all. It’s worth adding some treats, music and good company and the party will be a success!

Video lesson - how to make a hand for interior decoration using papier-mâché technique

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