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How to clean a DVD disc



This page is designed to help the inexperienced - those who like to wipe discs on their shirts. Those who like to grab onto mirrored surfaces after eating fat or herring. To those who give them into the hands of minors. And then claims that the disk "falls into squares."

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On import (and others then simply did not exist) CDs of 20 years ago have always been printed

Here is such an instruction in 4 languages, how to handle a disc. Naturally, this instruction was not published in Russian. Perhaps that is why the people are mostly dark and dense regarding the use of optical discs. There are many ignorance and many prejudices.

The Most Important Prejudice:
CAROPINES affect the quality of playback. This is not true. Scratches do NOT affect playback quality. CD disc thickness is 1.2 mm. On the surface of the plastic, the laser beam is divided into 3 beams by a prism and defocused to a spot with a diameter of about 0.8 mm. Therefore, scratches up to 0.8-1 mm thick are almost invisible to the laser optical system. Those signal drops that may occur due to incorrect reading are restored (with more or less success) using a specially developed error correction algorithm (Reed-Solomon). In the case of DVD, error correction is even better. Therefore, DVD discs with terrible scratches play without problems - come and demonstrate.

The Most Glaring Manifestation of Ignorance:
If I wiped the disk on my stomach, it will be clean. This is not true. If there was dirt or grease on the disc, it will be smeared with a thin layer invisible to the eye, but its throughput for the laser beam will be much worse than in the case of scratches. Because grease stains (fingerprints, etc.) scatter light much more than any scratch. Here is a simple everyday example: if the glass of your car has cracks, then you see the road without any problems. And if the glass is splashed with dirt, and even the frontal sunlight shines? What then?

How to wash it?
An exciting question. Most importantly: do not use cleaning products, solvents, alcohols, shampoos, and toilet soaps. Tools and solvents can permanently spoil the plastic of which the disc is made, while shampoos and toilet soap leave traces, sometimes difficult to remove. The disc must be washed with HOUSEHOLD soap, thereby brown, cooked from horns and hooves. If this is contrary to the aesthetic views of the user, then you can use the HOUSEHOLD DURU soap of white color, at least in my practice it is the best choice for washing disks. So, what does it take to clean a disk to a virgin state?
- laundry soap DURU
- toilet paper roll
- cold tap water

- let water in (can be warm)
- soap soap fingers

- with soapy fingers, wipe the entire surface of the disk
- wash off the soap film from the disk, you can wipe it with your fingers at that moment. First, you can rinse (and need) with warm water, then necessarily COLD. Cold water flows better from the surface of the disc. And leaves no salt residue.

- After the disk is clean, shake it sharply with a sweeping hand movement. Repeatedly. On the surface of the disk, microscopic (up to 0.5 mm) droplets of water remain or nothing remains at all. If drops remain, do not dry the disc. Need to wipe it.

- Wipe the disc with a roll of toilet paper - and the paper does not need to be carried around the disc, but gently rolled like a roller on the surface of the disc. Thus, we dry both sides of the disk. If the paper is of good quality, then NOTHING remains on the surface of the disc, if the paper is worse, then small paper dust particles can remain that can be easily blown away. The entire washing process takes one minute.

Step number 1. Download the program from the site

To get started, visit the special page on our website where you need to download a disc burning program to your computer. After the download is complete, run the installation file and follow the instructions. Choose the place where you want to place the program and wait until the archive is unpacked. Then start working with the application by double-clicking on the software icon.

Step number 2. Run the program and specify the desired option

You will see the main menu of "Disk Studios", where you need to select and specify the operations that the program should perform. The application allows you to work with both CD and DVD discs. You can quickly figure out how to clean a DVD disc of old files, and then burn songs, videos or any other data to the selected medium. To delete information from a disk, click on the “Copy and Erase” tab and select “Erase Disk”.

Step number 3. Clean up junk files

A mini-menu will appear on the screen, in which the program prompts you to determine the working drive. This should not be a problem, because, as a rule, in most cases you don’t have to choose: on computers and laptops it is the only one if no external device is connected to the equipment. Click the "Open Drive" button and insert a disk, then click "Erase Disk" and wait until the cleaning is complete.

Step number 4. Rewriting an old disc

Unfortunately, there are discs that cannot be cleaned. But they can be rewritten! In any recording option, specify for the program the files that you want to fix to disk. Knowing how to burn songs to disk and movies, you will free yourself from extra cash.

To overwrite the long disk, configure additional parameters: speed, name that you need to give the disk, if necessary, request its verification and shutdown the PC after recording. Remember to insert the disc into the drive. When the program asks for confirmation of overwriting and deleting files, click "Yes".

Now you know how to clean the disk of unnecessary files. As you already understood from the article, “Disk Studio” is a convenient software for working with disks. You can quickly record absolutely any information on external media or overwrite old disks, filling them with new and useful data.

How to clean a CD or DVD?

Use water and a soft cloth.
First of all, rinse the CD well. This is done in order to remove dust, adhering particles and grease stains from the surface. Immerse the CD or DVD in warm water, hold them there for a while, then take a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe the surface of the CD. Do not rub the surface too carefully and hard. In order not to damage the data on the disk, there is a certain “pattern” of cleaning actions. When cleaning, it is necessary to start from the center of the disc and move to the edge. Never use towels, toilet paper, paper towels, or any other materials and things that may cause small scratches on the surface of the disc. Allow the disk to dry completely, and then check whether the data is read from it correctly, whether it works without failures and pauses.

Cleaning the surface of the disc .... a banana.
Most users are not even aware that banana can be used to clean a scratched disk. Take a fresh banana and cut it into two. Wipe the surface of the CD / DVD disc with a circular motion. The next step is to clean the surface of the disc with a soft cotton cloth. Before you start playing a disc, it will be better if you use a cleansing spray and after wiping the disc with a dry and soft rag.

The use of toothpaste or petroleum jelly.
The surface of the disc can also be cleaned with some household items, such as toothpaste or petroleum jelly. However, this method can be used if the scratches are not too deep. Place an appropriate amount of any of these products on the surface of the disc and wipe it gently with a soft cloth. Then, for final cleaning, use a cleaning spray, wipe the disc dry and try to play it.

Use a polish or special disc cleaner.
If the above tools were powerless, you can use a polish for metal or a set of cleaning products for disks. After wiping the disc with a rag and a polish applied to it, then wipe the disc with a soft, clean cloth, let it dry, and then try to play it. If it does not work properly after that, try the last option, use specialized liquids to clean the disks.

These are just a few tools to effectively clean the surface of CD / DVD discs. There are other ways, for example, using alcohol, soda, etc. as a cleaning agent.