Useful Tips

Jokes and draws on April 1


1.Paint the soap with clear nail polish.

A joke with soap that does not soap in any way is quite funny and will definitely amuse your loved ones. You will need transparent nail polish, which you can buy at most pharmacies and cosmetics stores, and you will also need soap. Take the soap that your family usually uses.

  • The day before the first of April, take soap from the bathroom, go into your room or retire somewhere and make a joke.
  • Coat the soap with a thin layer of clear nail polish. Paint slowly with small, smooth strokes. Rough layers may cause suspicion. When finished, set aside the soap to dry somewhere.
  • Once the soap is completely dry, take it back to the bathroom. In the morning, someone from your family will go to the bathroom to wash their hands and find out that the soap is not being washed.

2. Move the clock one hour ahead.

You can try to make a joke with the clock. If you translate them an hour earlier, all your relatives will wake up, begin to get ready for work or school, and only there they will realize that they left an hour earlier. You will have to get up in the middle of the night and put all the hours in the house an hour ahead. This joke will work best with parents and grandparents, because teens are usually time-oriented on mobile phones. Usually, the time on the mobile phone is set automatically, and it is difficult to change it manually.

  • Set an alarm to wake up at night. As soon as you translate the clock and the alarm clock and it rings, get up and get ready to study / work.
  • Go into each room and set the time on all hours. Do not forget about the clock on the wall, the digital clock and the clock on the stove and microwave.
  • Most likely, you will have to get to the clock in the parents bedroom. Be very careful! Slowly open the door so that you are not heard, tipto to the clock. Perhaps it would be much more prudent to know in advance where the clock is, how to translate time into it. In advance, when the parents are not at home, go to their bedroom and see how to translate the time on the clock. This trick needs to be done very quickly, quietly and accurately. After all, even a little noise can wake up parents.

3. The filling in Oreo cookies can be replaced with toothpaste.

This joke is considered classic on April Fool's Day - a bit of Oreo and a tube of toothpaste. The paste should be completely white so that it looks like a filling in Oreo cookies. Again, it’s best to prepare this joke early in the morning or at night so that no one sees you.

  • Open the Oreo package and remove the filling between the cookies. This must be done very carefully so as not to break the cookies. You can make it a fork or a spoon.
  • Now apply a little toothpaste to the middle of one side of the cookie. Smooth it evenly over the entire surface of the cookie and cover with a second cookie on top.
  • Put the cookies back in the box or box. Leave it in a closet or on a table so that someone close to you finds it.
  • If you don't have Oreo cookies, any other sandwich cookie will do.

Best April 1 draws at school

Laughter day is loved by many, especially schoolchildren. They are ready to play pranks at any moment, because on the first of April no one punishes them. At the same time, each student does not forget about attentiveness and constantly expects a dirty trick from peers. In this part of the article I will consider several ideas for drawing schoolchildren. They require little preparation and provide an incredible effect.

  • "Paper draw." Before the holiday, prepare a few sheets of paper with various inscriptions. Notification of repairs, lack of water or cancellation of classes is ideal. Post graffiti at school and in the schoolyard. Just do not catch the eye of teachers.
  • "Festive brick." A classmate who has a roomy backpack with a lot of pockets is suitable for the role of the victim. When the object of the rally leaves the property unattended, hide a brick or a large stone in one of the pockets. After class, the student will automatically put on a backpack and will not pay attention to the fact that the burden has become heavier. The results of the draw will become known the next day.
  • "Goodbye, school" . The draw is suitable for classmates who often miss classes. On April 1, give a peer a letter on behalf of the class teacher with a notice of expulsion from school.
  • «Fantomas". Burn a dozen matches. Coat both hands with the remaining ash, then back to the victim and close her eyes. As soon as the object of the rally guesses you, remove your hands and quickly hide in your pocket. A classmate will not suspect that he went through a facial procedure.
  • «Soap and a blackboard". On the day of laughter, not only schoolchildren are played, but also teachers. If the teacher’s anger is not terrible, rub the board with soap before class. Teacher’s attempts to write something on the board will fail.

When choosing a draw, remember, actions should not offend a classmate. In general, this day is recommended to be attentive to both schoolchildren and teachers, because school-age children are unpredictable.

Popular draws for friends

Laughter enhances mood and has a positive effect on life expectancy. And the first of April is a wonderful occasion to play a trick on friends and have a good laugh. It is possible that due to the draw, the life of a close friend will increase by one bright day. In this part of the article you will find ideas that will help in organizing a five-minute laugh.

  1. "Head in the bank." Invite your friends to pack up and spend April Fool’s evening at your place. Before guests arrive, fill the can with water, dip a friend’s photograph in the liquid and refrigerate. During the evening, ask the victim to bring a bottle of beer from the refrigerator. The effect of surprise will work completely.
  2. Pop . Great way to poke fun. Invite friends home, offer cola with ice. Only instead of regular ice, put slices of Mentos sweets frozen inside the glasses. When the ice melts, the sweets will react with the drink, as a result a fountain will pour out of the glass.
  3. "It's time to get up." Before the day of laughter, ask a friend for a phone to make a call. Step aside and secretly set the alarm for 5 in the morning. Call a friend in the morning and ask if he liked the early climb.
  4. "Screen of death." If a friend spends a lot of time at the computer, they recommend the next April Fools ’draw. Take a screenshot of the blue screen and secretly set the resulting image as a screen saver for your friend’s desktop. Remember to create a folder and remove all the shortcuts in it to increase credibility.
  5. "Drawing by phone." Call a friend for any reason, and after a few minutes of the conversation, say that you will call back after 5 minutes. During the next call, make sure that the friend instead of the usual greeting heard an unexpected cry.

Most of these draws provide for preliminary preparation, but provide an impressive result. Yes, and the emotions and memories received are worth it. So get ready for the fun holiday in advance.

How to make fun of parents

If you decide to play your parents on April 1, you will have to try pretty hard. In the case of parents, topical rallies are inappropriate, since dad and mom are the most dear people who require attention and a reverent attitude. As for the main goal of the April Fools ’drawing of relatives, we are talking about family fun. How to make a joke?

  1. "Dessert with a surprise." Pass the processed cheese through a grater, add crushed garlic and chopped hot pepper. Roll the balls from the resulting mixture, which are abundantly sprinkled with coconut. The pungent taste of a delicious dessert is guaranteed to surprise parents.
  2. "A sudden letter." On the day of laughter, put a letter in the mailbox on behalf of one of the utilities. In the letter, indicate that in the near future a new cable will be laid on the roof of the house, and concrete fragments may fall from the roof during operation. To protect the windows, recommend sticking them with tape. If parents believe, do not let them go too far. Tell us what this is a hoax.
  3. "Toothpaste with a twist." For everyday hustle and bustle, parents usually forget about the approach of April 1 and regularly fall for this rally. Pull the plastic wrap over the tube where the paste extrudes. Then close the lid and remove excess material. When parents want to freshen their breath, they cannot squeeze out the paste.
  4. "The bad news" . Ask a friend to call their parents on behalf of the school principal and report the expulsion of the child due to constant absenteeism. The main thing is to notify relatives about the draw in a timely manner.
  5. "Funny communal apartment." Scan the old payment using the graphic editor, change important information and set the sky-high amount. After that, print a new receipt on the printer, delicately cut with scissors and slip it under the door.

Remember, playing parents on April 1 is much more difficult than playing with friends or classmates. Therefore, to achieve the result, connect your imagination and demonstrate acting skills to the maximum.

Funny draws in the office for colleagues.

The first of April is the best reason to slightly defuse the work environment, play colleagues and laugh together. Recently, more and more people arrange office raffles over colleagues. If you want to join them, look below for original ideas that will help to play colleagues and make the holiday unforgettable.

  • "Naughty mouse." On the eve of April 1, stay in the office, cover the optical mice with thin paper or stationery tape. The expected effect will appear the next morning when, after turning on the computer, colleagues notice a loss of control over the system.
  • "Spot." Mix ammonia with phenolphthalein. Both funds are sold at the pharmacy. The result is a red liquid. Pour the composition into a fountain pen and, if successful, shake off a colleague’s shirt or blouse. After a few seconds, the alcohol will evaporate and the spots will disappear.
  • "Clerical confusion." Office supplies of a colleague will help in organizing the draw. Replace the pens with analogues, in which the caps are glued with glue, and cover the tips of the pencils with a layer of colorless nail polish. Upon arrival at work, observe the victim’s torment.
  • "An unexpected guest." If the office receives a lot of visitors every day, and each of the colleagues has a separate office, replace the plate on the victim’s door. The inscription "Toilet" will do.
  • "Top secret" . The draw is ideal for bookkeeping or office with a huge turnover of documents. Gather a pack of unnecessary papers, file it in a folder, stick a “top secret” note on top and put one of the employees on the table. Believe me, you haven’t seen such a detective show yet.

When choosing a draw option, be sure to consider relationships with colleagues. Use the most “cruel” practical jokes in relation to colleagues with whom relations are warm. Also remember that a joke should not impede the normal course of a working day.

Harmless practical jokes for a girl

The girls are different. Some adequately respond to innocent jokes, others are very offended. If you decide to play the girl on April 1, do not overdo it. Dumb and cynical jokes and jokes in this case are inappropriate. Only a beautiful and original rally will provide the desired effect.

  1. "Cosmetics with a catch." Buy a girl expensive face mask. Pour the contents of the jar into another container, and pour a thick mayonnaise instead. Surely the girl will be delighted with such a gift and will want to immediately experience it. Laughing, give the real tool.
  2. "A haircut" . In advance, get a strand of artificial hair that matches the girl's hair in color. Having chosen the right moment, take large scissors, approach the girl from behind, loudly click the scissors and throw the hair to the floor. The effect is simply amazing.
  3. "Request." Hide a spool of thread under a sweater or T-shirt, and bring the tip of the thread out with a needle. Ask the girl to remove the thread from her clothes and enjoy the sight. The efforts of a discouraged assistant look comic.
  4. "Miracle-hair dryer." If a girl uses a hairdryer daily, sprinkle a little flour or starch into it. When she decides to dry her hair, a surprise will await her. Such a rally is very effective, but after the fireworks have to remove the instigator.
  5. "Feeling of fear" . It so happened that girls spiders cause fear. On the eve of April 1, buy a rubber spider in the store and tie a rope to it. At the right moment, imperceptibly lower the creature onto the girl’s shoulder. You will hear the effect in a few seconds.

When playing a girl, remember that she is a tender and fragile creature. Therefore, forget about practical jokes that bring physical or mental pain. You will do everything right, if after the rally she will laugh too.

How fun to make fun of a guy

In the case of boys, the assortment of April Fools' jokes is no worse than with girls. And if the young man also has a great sense of humor, there are no restrictions on the implementation of even the most daring ideas. The main thing is to avoid sensitive situations.

  • "The flood" . While the guy is sleeping, carefully sew the duvet cover to the sheet. In the morning, run into the bedroom and say that the apartment was flooded by neighbors. Shocked by the news, the guy will try to get out of bed quickly, but it wasn’t there.
  • “Good news” . If the guy is not ready for family life, please him on the first of April with the following joke. On the pregnancy test, draw the number of strips necessary for a positive result with a colored marker.
  • "Hero Savior" . On the eve of April 1, tell the guy that you feel bad. In the morning, ask him to run to the pharmacy for grass for tincture. Name your own grass. Get dressed quickly, follow the guy from behind and watch how a young man tries to buy a non-existent product. Very funny.
  • "Theft" . If the guy has a car while he is sleeping, take the keys and drive the vehicle to another location. After that, wake up the narrowed one and say that the car was stolen. Just do not forget to inform about the draw before calling the law enforcement authorities.

I listed a few ideas for the original April Fools ’prank. And these are far from all options. Having connected imagination, you will come up with something of your own that suits the guy’s temperament and does not harm the relationship.

April 1 jokes for children

Lotteries are liked by many, especially children. They have fun from the heart when their parents play them. Below I will consider a few ideas for the April Fools ’draw of the kids. They will help to fill the house with laughter on the first April day.

  1. Teleportation. If the babies sleep soundly at night, carefully transfer them to another room. Waking up, they will find themselves in an unusual environment, which cannot but surprise.
  2. "Milk juice." Offer your kids a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Only instead of the drink, serve orange milk to the table. To do this, add food coloring to it.
  3. "Products with eyes." Ask the baby to get milk from the refrigerator. He will be very surprised when he sees on the middle shelf a tray with eggs, in which funny faces are painted. I advise to give shape to fruits with vegetables.
  4. "Snow-white smile" . To make your morning wash more fun, sprinkle salt on a children's toothbrush. Just don't overdo it.
  5. "A pleasant surprise" . While the kids are sleeping, take things out of the closet, and instead put a large number of balloons filled with helium. When the child opens the door, the balls will fly out like butterflies.

Children are the most moody and vulnerable audience. Therefore, make every effort so that they get a vivid impression, and not another portion of stress and disappointment. Let them have fun from the heart.

How not to joke on April 1

With the approach of April, many are thinking about how to play comrades, colleagues, and loved ones in a fun and fun way. On this day, you can joke on various topics, but there are exceptions. In order not to face the dirt or not to get into an unpleasant situation, do not use jokes that mention:

  • Death,
  • Kidnapping,
  • Crash,
  • The mining of the building.

Each of these options for the draw is fraught with the appearance of problems. Hearing shocking news, a person immediately turns to the appropriate authorities. And for such a rally instead of fun and laughter, you can get a fine or a more serious punishment.

Make sure that jokes and practical jokes do not go beyond, and ultimately both you and the victim laugh. Be sure to keep in mind that not all people respond adequately to jokes and jokes.

Now at your disposal are many ideas for April Fools ’draw. Use your favorite options in practice and do not forget about decency. Your actions should be beautiful even in such situations. Good luck

Scenario for a wife - not for the faint of heart

Начнем с того, что для реализации задуманного любимую половину 1 апреля придется куда-нибудь отправить на несколько часов. Увлеките ее перспективой пошопиться, сходить в салон красоты или в любимое кафе с подружками на праздничный завтрак. Be sweet, persuasive and accommodating.

As soon as the little wife crosses the threshold of the house, get down to business. Urgently call the lock change wizard. Embed a brand new lock on the door and wait for your wife. Oh yes, I completely forgot. So that it would not be boring to wait, invite a colleague or friend whom the wife never saw live.

Well, then the script will develop like clockwork. After a great time in a cafe, shops or a hairdresser, a happy and enthusiastic wife will return home. The first thing that will surprise her is the key. She will not be able to open the door for them as before. Do not wait for the beloved to break the new castle, activate the exit “to the stage” of a colleague. To enhance the effect, invite him to dress at home, in leotards and slippers, or even wrap a towel, as after a shower.

Now imagine the picture. The wife is trying to open the door, nothing comes out of her, in desperation, she rings the bell, knocks, showing impatience and frustration. A brutal man in a leotard or loincloth from a terry towel opens her doors, looks at her with the most expressed perplexity. The wife is in shock, asks who he is and what he is doing in her apartment, to which he receives a logical answer - he lives here. From today. I bought an apartment from a man according to a description similar to her husband. Well, here the fun begins - the reaction to prank.

Then everything depends on the strength of the nerves of the spouse, continue to play her just as much as not to bring to tears. As soon as you hear that your beloved is on the verge, give up.

It will be fun and amusing to recall this joke after a while. Well, immediately get ready for women's revenge. It can not be avoided.

Simple and tasteful for sister

To play sister is a pleasure! It’s so much fun to watch her scream, and then run away from flying pillows and slippers throughout the apartment.

  • So, I offer a proven and easy to perform joke - with a clapperboard. Before the arrival of your beloved sister, fasten a large clapperboard on the doorknob. As soon as she opens the door, the cracker will work. Get ready for a violent manifestation of emotions!
  • If you decide to save your sister’s nerves, but are not ready to give up April Fools ’draw, use the services of the free anonymous SMS service. It is always fun, and most importantly simple and interesting. Comic messages can be very different, but not offensive. For example, you can send a text with a proposal to increase breast size for free as a prize for receiving the title “Best Sister in the World”.

SMS will look even funnier with a proposal to adjust the shape of the nose or teeth (depending on what the sister does not consider perfect in appearance) at a distance. Such SMS always cheers up.

  • Sewing trousers in your sister’s favorite jeans is a great idea for those who like to joke brightly. Do not overdo it, sew with a basting seam so that you can quickly return everything to its original state.
  • And this idea is useful to a younger brother who does not yet know how to play a sister. Start a debate about how each tactile sensation is developed differently. You hurt your sister’s pride, saying that she with her eyes closed will never determine what part of the body she feels. As soon as the victim of the provocation gets on the hook, blindfold her, substitute a ripe tomato under her finger and offer to stick a finger into the pulp with juice. At the right moment, scream louder that it was your eye and it was flowing!

Your sister’s reaction will definitely be remembered for a long time!

Jokes for brother, husband and dad

We turn to jokes on men. Dad, beloved husband, brother - they all deserve to become participants in April Fools ’draws. You can joke over them in revenge, or you can just like that, to raise vitality and general fun in the family.

Cool joke on her husband - with an illegitimate child tossed. The day before the holiday, prepare a basket with this set:

  • toy baby in a blanket,
  • nipple,
  • a bottle
  • packing diapers and a note.

On a festive morning you will call to go to the store, quietly put the basket with the doll on the threshold.

Returning from the store, allegedly find a "child", tell us that you met a strange girl with a tear-stained face and inappropriate behavior at the entrance. How the husband will react to a joke - one can only guess. The main thing is that the rally does not become fatal, unexpectedly does not open Pandora's box.

A more innocent and kind joke is a secret manicure. Suitable for brother, husband and even dad. As soon as the men in the house fall asleep, make your way to their rooms and paint your nails with bright varnish, while moving the alarm clocks 30 minutes ahead. In the morning, in a hurry, going to work, study or a business meeting, a man may not immediately pay attention to manicure. Ignorance is your time, have fun from the heart!

Jokes for the whole family

  • Everyone present at the table will have an excellent mood if you joke with a magnet. Fasten it under the table exactly where the forks and spoons lie. Do not forget about the tablecloth. It will be fun to watch a man trying to free himself from a tablecloth adhering to his fork!
  • The classics of the genre are mayonnaise or sour cream instead of toothpaste, substitution of an antiperspirant with butter or a cheese sandwich in a plastic bag.
  • A cute joke for the youngest members of the family is a turn to the toilet from stuffed toys, and for dad or mom who spend a lot of time at the computer - a replacement for the keyboard keys or a screen saver with a message about the failure of the system.

It turns out that to play the home, it is not necessary to even leave the apartment. The main thing is to prepare for the holiday in advance! Share your post with friends - inspire them for fun April Fools jokes!