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12 ways to escape from the heat in an apartment without air conditioning


In the summer, the temperature in houses and apartments can reach 30 or more degrees Celsius. If the room has air conditioning, it will reduce the air temperature to a predetermined mark in a few minutes. However, not everyone has such a technique. Therefore, today we will consider how to cool a room without air conditioning in various ways.

Ventilate the house on time

The lowest temperature in summer is observed from 4 to 7 in the morning. At this time, you should "saturate" the room with fresh and cold air to the maximum. But if you do not want to get up at such an early hour, open the windows in the evening, at about 22: 00-22: 30.

Airing the apartment is one of the most effective ways to lower the temperature in the room. But it remains effective as long as the above schedule of action is respected. Opening the windows at 12 noon, you only exacerbate the situation, saturating the room with hotter air.

Regular humidification

How can I cool the room? Of course, the easiest way is the skillful use of water. In order to reduce the temperature in the room by 2-5 degrees, you should regularly moisten the air. This is done using a conventional spray. You can buy special humidifiers in stores, but this is a much more expensive option. The easiest method is to fill an empty container from under any window cleaner with running water. It should be sprayed every hour throughout the room. This water can be sprayed on yourself. As the liquid evaporates, your skin feels a noticeable coolness.

How to cool a room in the heat with foil? Oddly enough, but this material can perfectly cope with the high temperature in the room. Reflective foil can be purchased at any hardware store. It is better that it be in a roll of 5 or more meters. This foil should be glued to the inside or outside of windows and walls. For the best effect, the whole area of ​​glass and wallpaper is glued.

Pay particular attention to rooms whose windows face the south and southwest. It is there that the highest intensity of the sun is observed. Therefore, such premises must be glued with foil. In this case, the material will reflect heat, and the room will be cool for a long time. This cooling method is very effective, since sunlight does not penetrate carpets, furniture and other interior elements, from which air is subsequently heated. Studies have shown that any room is not heated directly from hot air, but from objects that are exposed to the sun. The latter, in turn, creates heat exchange with air, which is why choking occurs in the apartment. True, the walls glued with foil will not add beauty to the interior, so this method does not have many fans.

How to cool a room in summer without foil? If you don’t want to buy foil and glue the windows with it, you can simply install the blinds instead of curtains. How can you cool a room this way? The principle of operation of the blinds is very simple. Keep them closed during the day, so that 90% of the sunlight will linger on the thin metal plates of the device.

Thanks to the blinds, you not only cool the room, but also modernize the interior design of your home. But like curtains, they need regular care - at least a couple of times a year they need to be cleaned with a means to remove dust and dirt.

We hide extra things

Items such as blankets, woolen textiles, etc. are recommended to be hidden in a closet. The air temperature is especially reduced when the carpet is removed from the room. It is he who is the main heat reflector, which prevents the penetration of cold from the floor to the rest of the room. Wall carpets can also be removed. By the way, if the room is too wet, mold or fungus may form under them. Therefore, before re-hanging the carpet on the wall, treat the surface with a special antifungal agent.

How to cool a room in heat with ice?

Using ice, similar to spraying water, can reduce the room temperature by several degrees Celsius.

To do this, it is enough to freeze a few ice cubes in the refrigerator, and then throw them into a plate. Gradually they will melt and cool the air temperature.

Kitchen Usage Schedule

On hot summer days, try to use a gas stove and oven to a minimum. This significantly increases the air temperature, after which it is simply impossible to be in the kitchen. Gradually, all the hot air spreads around the perimeter of the house, which is extremely undesirable for those who prefer coolness.

Electronic devices

It is not recommended to use electrical appliances during the day that heat the apartment significantly. These are vacuum cleaners, irons, personal computers, printers and televisions. Pay particular attention to the last item. If you do not watch TV, turn it off, because, in addition to the temperature increase, electricity bills will also increase. If you have an electric heated towel rail, cover it with foil or use it only in extreme cases. A similar technique always heats the air in any room.

Wet sheet

There is another interesting tip on how to cool a room in the heat without air conditioning. It consists in the use of several bowls (basins) with water and a sheet. How to cool a room in the heat using these elements? Everything is very simple. The basin should be placed near the door, and the sheet should be hung so that its ends come in contact with water.

The fabric gradually absorbs water, thereby cooling the entire room. It is important that the area of ​​the lying sheet is as large as possible. Remember, the wider and longer, the faster the evaporation and heat transfer.

Proper nutrition

In the heat, try to drink as much fluid as possible. Oddly enough, but it is hot tea that best helps the body tolerate heat, as the body temperature rises slightly, plus there is the effect of perspiration. Icy water creates a deceptive effect - in fact, it further awakens a person's thirst.

Drink liquid at room temperature and eat cold dishes. Among the latter can be noted okroshka, milk, vegetables and fruits, as well as salads. In addition, your body will be saturated with enough vitamins, which will effectively fight viruses and infections in the winter.

We make an air conditioner out of a fan

How to cool a room with a fan? To make it quite real. To do this, we need one fan and several liters of running water. Naturally, all liquid must be filled into a specific container (a container such as plastic bottles and bowls). Fill the container with water and place it in the freezer for several hours. After the liquid has turned into ice, take the container back, then place it opposite the fan. Remember that the air flow from the blades should go exactly to this container. How to quickly cool a room with these simple elements? As practice shows, the first result is already expected after 10-15 minutes of fan operation. But so that the air does not heat up again, as the ice melts, you should change the tanks to more chilled ones.

Do not use the fan when you are not in the room. If you think that this device, by the principle of an air conditioner, reduces the air temperature in a few minutes, you are deeply mistaken. The fan only moves air from one side to the other, while its electric motor heats up significantly. You will get a feeling of coolness only if the air flow will be directed at you, and best of all - from refrigerated containers, as described previously.

Alternative way

There is another method of cooling a room with a fan. But here we will use an unusual device. It is called a ceiling fan. We often see such devices in Venezuelan and Mexican films. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to acquire it in Russia. It costs about 3-4 thousand rubles. Such a device is absolutely silent, does not create drafts during operation and does not heat the room at all with its motor. Using such a device, it is very difficult to catch a cold. The operation of the ceiling fan does not interfere with watching TV, or working with a PC. In this case, you will quickly feel that the room has become easier to breathe.

So, we found out how to cool a room in the heat without using expensive air conditioners. As you can see, it is not necessary to use expensive equipment for this - all of the above methods are very simple and effective. And you can check their work right now, without using specialized devices.

12 ways to cool a room without air conditioning and fan

1. Close windows and windows when the temperature rises above +25 degrees. Open the windows back when the temperature in the street drops below 23-24 degrees above zero. And in the evening and at night it is recommended to draft and ventilate the apartment,

2. To cool the room, close the windows with blackout curtains, curtains or blinds. By the way, it’s better to use non-metallic blinds, since they heat up very much and increase the temperature in the room,

3. Perfectly rescues the room from heat, a mirror film or a special mirror coating, which is applied or glued to window panes. Unlike curtains and blinds, they let a small amount of light into the room. In this case, the film or spraying in the warm season reflect most of the sun's rays back. And in winter, on the contrary - inside the room, as a result of which it will be warmer in the apartment,

4. Try to use equipment, lighting and heating devices only when absolutely necessary. This is especially true for the stove and oven,

5. Replace the lamps with modern fluorescent or LED. They emit 80% less heat than standard incandescent bulbs. In addition, they will help save electricity in the apartment,

6. Remove from the walls and remove carpets from the floors. Walk around the house barefoot

7. You can cool the room without air conditioning if you wash or damp the floors at night. The temperature in the room will drop immediately

8. To cool and refresh bedding, in the morning put the items in the refrigerator, and cover them before bedtime. In addition, the kit can be hung out in the evening in the fresh air or put in advance in the bed plastic bottles with cold water or a heating pad with ice,

9. Place bottles and containers of cold water in the apartment. Change fluid regularly as it warms up. This will help moisturize the air and help you breathe easier in the heat. During sleep, you can install containers next to the bed,

10. Moisten the apartment. This can be done by hanging wet sheets or large towels on the doors and windows. In addition, spray water from a spray bottle in rooms or install special automatic humidifiers. How to choose an air humidifier for an apartment, see here,

11. Install insulation in the apartment. It gives an effect in excess of five degrees of difference compared to the temperature in the street. At the same time, the apartment will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer,

12. For a private house in two or three floors, a suitable option would be to plant trees under the windows or let up curly shrubs on the wall. They will create shade and coolness. In addition, this method is suitable for an apartment in a low-rise building with up to three floors.

How to enhance the effect of a fan

We examined how to cool a room without air conditioning, and without a fan. However, in many apartments there is a fan. Choose appliances with automatic airflow direction change. Then you will not be blown away, and you will not forgive.

Using only one fan will not provide adequate cooling. It creates the illusion of coolness, but does not save in extreme heat. In this case, you can enhance the operation of this unit. To do this, place plastic bottles or other containers with cold water or ice in front of the appliance.

Before freezing or cooling, add salt to the water three to a quarter of the bottle so that the ice does not break the container. Place the bottles on a pallet or in a box to prevent condensation from spilling onto the floor. By the way, the same method is suitable to cool the interior of the car. Just put a bag of ice-filled bottles in the back seat.

Many people, especially young children, can hardly stand the heat. In this case, you can use a number of methods that will help cool the body both from the inside and the outside.

How to moisten an apartment

Humidified air effectively saves in the heat. As we already said, you can use special humidifiers, containers with cold water and ice, as well as hang wet sheets and large towels. You can hang laundry and bed linen around the house. It dries quickly and at the same time moisturizes the air.

Regularly spray cold water from a spray bottle in the room or use a hydrogel, which is used to grow flowers. Such a product is scattered on containers, add a little water and placed in the room. Wet at least once a day, wash floors and wipe dust on various surfaces.

Arrange plants in the house that love moisture and moisturize the air, such as ficus or fern. They need to be regularly watered and sprayed. In this case, moisture leaves in the ground and in the root only in the amount of 1%. The remaining 99% evaporates through stems, leaves and flowers. As a result, the air around is humidified.

We are preparing the apartment correctly

Beautiful sunny weather makes us happy. It allows you to open the windows wide and let fresh air into the house. Anyone who has to put up with cold and inclement weather for most of the year is dreaming about it. Therefore, you can see how in the summer the wind freely walks in a draft and fills the entire space of living rooms.

In hot weather, this approach is inappropriate. Together with the sun's rays, heat pours, so the rooms quickly heat up. To reduce the temperature without using air conditioning, you need to learn how to properly ventilate the apartment in the summer. You can effectively cool it without an air conditioner if you open the windows in the early morning from 5.00 to 8.00 and let the cool in. It will help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the premises during the day without air conditioning. In the hot heat, one more evening airing is simply necessary. It must be made after 22.00. For the working period, it is better to keep the windows closed.

Artificial dimming instead of air conditioning

Residents of the southern regions have to prepare for the heat more carefully. Very often, in such geographical areas, when the sun is at its zenith, the air heats up to very high temperatures. Then the morning and evening airing does not allow to cool the premises qualitatively. We have to use additional protection against heat.

Experts advise the owners of apartments without air conditioning to close the windows on the south side with foil for the summer. This is the cheapest way to deal with heat. For designated purposes, it is allowed to use ordinary baking foil. You can buy it at any grocery store. Its surface perfectly reflects the sun's rays, does not allow them to penetrate into the room and heat the air in it. Sticking it on windows is easy. To do this, use ordinary tape. If you want to cool a room without an air conditioner in this way, you need to remember that the foil does not let in daylight, so after gluing the rooms will become dark. And the window itself from the outside will not look very decent.

How to cool a room with a special film without air conditioning

There is another solution to the above problem, which can cool rooms without air conditioning. There are special curtain films on sale that are easily attached to a plastic frame by gluing. They are more expensive than foil, but the described product has a number of advantages. They fully compensate for material waste. The material from which the films are made is much stronger and more reliable than brittle foil. Therefore, it will be easier to darken and cool a house without an air conditioner: there is no need to be afraid that one careless movement will damage the base. The described products are sold in rolls.

It is possible to select the desired width (60 cm or meter). The length of one roll is three meters. If you install the film carefully, outwardly the window will look quite presentable. It effectively reflects the sun's rays, while not limiting the view of the street from the inside. Thanks to this property, you can close all the windows in the picture, providing maximum protection of the living quarters from the sun. Используя такую технологию, удастся охладить температуру воздуха на три-четыре градуса без кондиционера.

Жалюзи вместо кондиционера

Если есть желание одновременно затемнить квартиру, скрыть ее внутреннее пространство от посторонних глаз, стоит выбирать и приобретать специализированные системы. Солнцезащитные жалюзи пользуются большой популярностью. They are of several types: rolled, horizontal, vertical. All designs are very convenient to use, all of them will help to effectively darken, which means to cool the temperature in the room without air conditioning.

Manufacturers offer different versions of the described products. There are blinds made of plastic, wood, woven material. Buyers are presented with a very wide range of colors, so it will not be difficult to choose something that is most suitable for the design style and make dimming part of the interior.

Fabric curtains

They can also be used to darken and protect from the sun. To do this, they need to be sewn from a dense material that does not transmit light. It costs a lot, so you have to spend a lot of money. And this is the main minus of the described choice. Anyone who does not have a fundamental factor in saving can afford to gently decorate the windows by combining different types of construction. Designers prefer to create complex drapery structures that can emphasize the style of decoration and contribute to reducing the degree indoors without air conditioning.

Roman, pleated, French, Austrian, heavy London - the aesthetic component comes first in this version of the dimming. To prevent the room from being overloaded with heavy dense matter, you will have to buy a veil, organza or tulle in a pair with it. This will significantly increase the estimate of blackout. This must be considered when choosing this method of protection from the sun.

How to cool a room in heat without air conditioning using ice

You can enhance the action of the fan if, instead of eggplant with cold water, put a container filled with ice in front of it. When heated, it will evaporate, and throw a portion of cold air into the room. A fan will blow it all over the room.

You can freeze water with ice in eggplant, and then put them in front of the fan too. Anyone who has tried this method says that it really works very well. Alternatively, if the heat makes it difficult to fall asleep, experts recommend putting an ice warmer in bed, pre-hanging the bedding in the air, and then filling it with a bed. Sleeping without air conditioning will be much easier.

We use wet sheets - forget about the air conditioner

Whoever does not have an air conditioner at home can use another simple technique. For its implementation, it is necessary to moisten bedding in water, put them neatly in a bag, place in a freezer. After a few minutes, get it and hang it in the room. It will immediately become a few degrees cooler. While some sheets are hanging, others need to be put in the refrigerator. And then alternate.

If you direct the fan to the laundry, it will turn out to cool the room faster and let cool humid air into it. The apartment will immediately become easier to breathe. The main thing is not to direct cold air at yourself, otherwise catch a cold quickly.

Other ways to cool a house without air conditioning

There are a lot of tips that you can adopt for all those who want to know how the room should be cooled without air conditioning. We list the most effective.

  1. In the very heat, you need to keep locked not only the windows, but also the front doors. This will block the ingress of hot air from the outside and cool the space around a couple of degrees.
  2. If there is no air conditioning, it is useful to lock the front doors in the entrances of apartment buildings locked up.
  3. When the apartment is on the first two floors, it is useful to plant climbing green plants or trees next to the street, which, when they grow up, will close their windows with sunlight with their crown.
  4. It is useful to minimize the use of incandescent lamps and any heating appliances (iron or kettle, for example). Cooking needs to be done early in the morning, while it's cool outside. When this is not possible, you can have lunch or dinner with cold okroshka.
  5. The temperature in the room will drop without air conditioning, if you do wet cleaning more often and wipe the floors twice a day. It is better to roll carpets for the summer and give them dry cleaning, and walk barefoot on the floor.
  6. A bowl of cold water, placed near the bed, and a clean cotton napkin are capable of cooling the room in the very heat. Before going to bed, you need to moisten it and wipe your face, neck, hands. You can cool a clean, dry sheet in the refrigerator, and then just cover it. This is exactly what our grandmothers did, who lived and did not know what air conditioners were.
  7. A wet towel wrapped around the neck and wet wristbands will allow you to safely transfer the hottest period.
  8. Turn off the towel warmers in the bathroom. They heat the air very much. Watch less on TV and computer. During operation, any household appliances heat up. This causes a temperature increase of a couple of degrees.
  9. Cool the body from the inside, drink more soft drinks, treat yourself to ice cream, chilled fruits and berries. Always keep ripe watermelons in the refrigerator.
  10. If you live without air conditioning, sleep on the floor in summer. By evening, hot air builds up under the ceiling, and below it is much cooler. Therefore, it makes sense to throw a mattress, pillows and sleep on the floor, while the heat soars outside the window. If you leave the windows open, you can easily enjoy a quiet sleep. Night is the coolest time of day. Even a small temperature difference will allow the living space to give off excess heat to the street.
  11. Walk around the house in spacious clothing made from natural fabrics. It absorbs excess moisture well, allows the skin to breathe, and blow the body out of the fan breeze.
  12. Learn from animals that live without air conditioning. In intense heat, they prefer to sleep more, move little, walk measuredly, slowly. If there is such an opportunity, you need to do just that: spend most of the day in a horizontal position.
  13. Go to the night work schedule: stay awake at night, and relax during the day.
  14. Keep yourself in good physical shape, choose foods that are quickly prepared and well absorbed by the body for nutrition. Exclude from the diet hot dishes and drinks that can heat the body from the inside (peppers, alcoholic beverages, lard, garlic and ginger).

An important role in maintaining health in the hot summer season is the ability to adapt. After all, somehow our ancestors lived without air conditioning and cooled the living quarters with improvised methods. Today, millions of people live in the equatorial belt, not everyone in the house has climate equipment (air conditioners), but they somehow survive and lead an active lifestyle. They help the ability to adapt to existing circumstances. No one is depressed about the heat, does not panic when the window is more than +45 degrees. The human body is able to survive even in more extreme conditions. The main thing is to be able to adapt to them, using the usual improvised methods. The most effective are listed in this article. And they do not have air conditioning.