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55 most common English slang words


  1. see Rostaman.
  2. In general, the original Rastaman is a follower of the Rastafarian religion, read about them on Wikipedia. In reality, as a rule, rastamans do not bother with thoughts about religion, listen to Bob Marley and blow grass.

However, before I continue, I would like to advise you some more sensible publications on the subject of slang sticks. For example, what does Ganja mean, how to understand the word Role, what Plukha means, what is a Screw, etc.

So let's continue what does rastaman mean? This term was borrowed from the English language "Rasta", and means a person who practices Rastafarianism, worships the god "Jah", and praises him with all his might.

What does rastafaray mean?

What does Babylon mean at rast?

Ratsaman it is an informal or slang term for Rastafarians. A Rastafarian is one who belongs to a religion founded in the 20th century in Jamaica, which contains the worship of the living god / emperor Haila Selassie from Ethiopia. In popular culture, religion is Rastafari"most often associated with reggae music, dreadlocks, marijuana and the rejection of the modern materialistic world, or as it is also called" Babylon ".

Rasta is the one who has a deep love and close relationship with God (Jah Almighty), Rasta is the one who:

. who believes in equal rights and justice for all mankind,

. thanks every day and praises for everything that he has,

. who knows that the first man and woman who appeared on earth were discovered in Africa and, as you know, had a Negro skin color,

. who knows that God always keeps track of everything we say and do,

. who knows that every man and woman will be responsible for their own judgment about God based on his lifestyle,

. who knows that eating meat is an unclean act,

. who knows that the Black Man (Emperor Haile Selassie) was crowned king of Ethiopia in 1930 and reigned until 1974,

. he is the one who reads and studies the Christian Bible daily (usually the version of King James),

. this is one who knows about the Babylonian system,

. has a deep love and respect for all nature, because we know that God is in Nature, and it is our birthright to enjoy this gift given by Jah.

What is Jamaican Rasta?

Jamaican Rastaman this is a person belonging to the Rastafaray movement that arose in Jamaica. Although it is usually considered a religion, Rastaman considers it a way of life and culture, as well as a spiritual path.

Motion Rastafaray originated in the 1930s and is based on the teachings of Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican who had a vision of uniting black people around the world and returning them to Africa. The name comes from the name of the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, Tafari Maconne, whom many Rastas consider the Messiah. Some Rastas immigrated to Ethiopia in the 1960s and formed a settlement known as 12 tribes.

Rastafaray it is a mixture of African and Christian beliefs with an emphasis on biblical literalism. Rastas are known worldwide for their use of marijuana. Marijuana, or ganja, is considered a sacrament and is used as part of ritual prayer. Rastas are also known for their dreadlocks, which stem from a biblical commandment to avoid cutting hair. Most rastamans are vegetarians, although some eat fish. Rastafaray movement is peaceful, many the rastas take part in antiwar and other pacifist movements. However, self-defense is not prohibited. Sometimes the Rastas protect themselves from government oppression.

After reading this short article, you learned what does rastaman mean, and now you can tell your friends about this amazing word.


From English “bottom (final) line”, as in calculations in a column: the essence, the most important thing.

The bottom line is we just don’t have enough money for this. - Essence that we just don’t have enough money for this.

Speaking to someone’s address is disrespectful, dismissive, insulting.

Stop dissing her behind her back. Show some respect! - stop it vilify her behind her. Show at least a little respect!

In the exact translation - “digging”, but in modern informal jargon - “to catch a buzz”, “to drag oneself”. About what you really like.

Hey i dig your new style. Where did you buy that T-shirt? - hey i just trudge from your new style! Where did you buy such a t-shirt?


“Bob is your uncle!” Is an expression often used in the UK. They put it at the end of the sentence, and it means something like “Voila!” (Or, as the leader of our groups on Facebook and VKontakte Maxim says, “... and Vasya the cat!”).

- How did you make this cake? It’s delicious! (How did you bake this cake? It is delicious!)

- Well, I just mixed in the batter thoroughly, poured it into a cake pan, baked it for 30 minutes and Bob’s your uncle! (Well, I just mixed the dough well, poured it into a mold, baked for 30 minutes - and voila!


Use this expression when asking someone to make room and make room for you. To budge up - move (s), shift (s).

I want to sit down too, could you budge up a little, please? - I want to sit too, could you move up Little?

This word has many meanings, but the main ones are an ace, a point in the game, a trump card or a strong argument (as in the idiomatic expression to have an ace in the hole / up one's sleeve - to have a hidden advantage), as well as an ace, a master of his craft. In slang, it means something amazing, really cool, as well as a flawless performance of any action (for the highest score, that is, for the rating "A"):

Ace! I just got a promotion at work! - Fall off! I just got promoted!

Robert aced his physics exam! - Robert brilliantly passed physics exam!


The expression means "Hello, how are you?"

All right? (Well, how is it?)

- Good thanks, are you all right? (Fine, thank you, how are you?)


Literally: "In the form of a pear." It must be that the pear-shaped form seems to the English to be extremely wrong: this expression means that as a result of the action or process it turned out not quite what (or not at all) what was expected.

I was trying to organize a surprise birthday party for her, but it’s all gone pear shaped! - I tried to organize a surprise party for her birthday, but that's it gone awry.


"The Law of Meanness," another name for Murphy's Law: if trouble can happen, it will happen. Sod (razg.) - a villain.

- I wore my pretty new dress, because it was a sunny day, but as soon as I stepped out of the house, it started raining, and I got completely soaked! (It was a sunny day, so I put on a new dress. But as soon as I left the house, it started to rain and I was completely wet!)

Sod’s law! (How according to the law of meanness!)


The word chin means chin, to wag - to nod, and together - a pleasant, long conversation (during which the interlocutors nod to each other as a sign of understanding). Very figurative and witty.

I saw Mary after such a long time yesterday! We had a lovely chin wag together, like the good old days. - Yesterday I met Mary. I haven’t seen her for a hundred years! We are cute chatted, like good old times.


Extremely pleased with smth. To chuff - 1) puff, 2) encourage, inspire.

My mum bought me a fantastic car when I passed my driving test. I was chuffed to bits! - Mom bought me an incredible car when I passed on the right. I was excited!

(If you want to learn more about how to use expressions 20 and 21, be sure to watch the video at the end of the article!)

Work hard to prepare for the exam in a short time, cramming.

I was so busy with my family before the exam, that I only had three days to cram for it! - I was so busy with family affairs before exams that for the whole cramming I had only three days left!


So it can be said when someone does something particularly impressive. Nice - nice, sweet.

- I published my first book last year, and I’ve already started working on the sequel! (I published my first book that year, and I'm already working on a sequel!)

Nice one! You’re doing really well. (Not bad! Good job.)

Surprised exclamation (Australian slang). Euphemism from the sacred name of Christ (Christ), which, as you know, cannot be pronounced in vain.

- I went shopping today! * comes in with lots of bags * (I went shopping today! * comes in with a whole bunch of bags *)

Crikey! Have you spent all of our savings. (Oh god You spent all our savings. )

In Russian, the word “dear” has two meanings: 1) dear to the heart and 2) not cheap.

In conventional English, the word dear corresponds to the first option, but in slang to the second: dear in informal English means “expensive”.

I avoid going shopping into the town center nowadays, everything is so dear! - Now I try not to go shopping in the center, all that expensive!

When someone procrastinates (from Latin pro - “on”, crastinus - “tomorrow”), that is, he puts things off for later.

Come on, we have to go now. Stop faffing around, we’re going to be late! - Come on, we have to go. Stop it pull rubber, We will be late!

The main meaning of to do is to do, but on slang is ... a party. Well, for the party to be successful, it needs to be well prepared.

Are you going to Lizzie’s birthday do next week? You go on party on Lizzy's birthday?

Sell ​​out

I managed to flog my car for a really good price! - I could to drive car at a bargain price.


To spend too much money, literally - “splash out” (how figuratively!).

I wanted to give Sarah a special treat for her birthday, so I splashed out on a very romantic trip. - I wanted to give Sarah something special for her birthday, so went broke on an extremely romantic trip.


“Bee's knees”: something outstanding, amazing, out of the ordinary.

You should see my new sound-system, it’s the bee’s knees! - You should see my new stereo system, it's something unique!

I don’t like Harvey very much, he thinks he’s the bee’s knees! I do not like Harvey, he considers himself center of the universe.

When someone is very upset or empty, disappointed (the main meaning of the verb to gut is to gut).

I’m so gutted I failed my driving test, again! - I again failed the driving test and just crushed by this.


Low cost, low salary - in a word, a trifle.

I hate my job. I have to work such long hours, and I get paid peanuts. - I hate my job. Spend so much time on it, and get paid pennies.

You should buy your clothes online. You can find some great designs for peanuts! Try buying clothes online. There you can find branded things for next to nothing!

Shoot down the price, bargain (especially on the little things).

The last time I went shopping with my mum, she was haggling for something that was already really cheap! - The last time I went shopping with my mom, she became to bargain about the already cheap things!

I managed to haggle the price of this dress down by 25%! - I managed bring down the price This dress is 25% off!

This word is used in a variety of situations, but usually it means “very” (“jolly good” - “very good”).

- Don’t worry, I will pay you back before the end of this month. (Don’t worry, I will pay you until the end of the month.)

- I should jolly well think so! (Highly I hope so!)


In Russian, sticks are inserted into the wheels. In English, a wrench. The expression means “interfere, prevent something, destroy something.” - like a spanner, it destroys a working mechanism (one of the meanings of the word works) when it gets into it.

I managed to keep the surprise a secret, right up until the day before my sister’s birthday, then he threw a spanner in the works by telling her! - I kept the surprise a secret almost until my sister’s birthday, and then he messed up everythingtelling her!

BrE: a short dream (which Americans call nap).

Why don’t you try and have a kip before everyone gets here? You won’t have time to rest later. - Why don't you try take a nap before everyone gets together? Then you will not have time to relax.


This expression has several meanings. Literally, to wind up means "wind up". But in slang, this means "joking" (and not "twisting"):

John really is a wind-up merchant, but the girl he was picking on was so gullible! - John is real jokes specialbut the girl he made fun of was so gullible!

I was just winding her up for fun, but she took offence to it and got really angry! - I pricked up her just for the sake of laughter, but she was offended by this and was seriously angry!

Buddy, friend, partner, comrade, roommate (roommate).

I’m going to the cinema with my mates tonight. - I go to the cinema today with buddies.


Lying. The word comes from rhyming cockney slang. Short for “porky pies” (pork pies) that rhyme with “lies” (false).

Don’t listen to her, she’s telling porkies! - Do not listen to her, she lying!

Quarrel (rhymes with “cow”).

My brother had a huge row with his girlfriend yesterday. He’s really upset! - Yesterday my brother quarreled with my girlfriend. He is extremely upset.


If someone says: “I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years!”, This means that this person has not seen you for a hundred years. Although, it would seem, where does donkey (donkey).

Hi Sarah! What a surprise to see you here. I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years! How have you been? - Hello, Sarah! A big surprise to meet you here. Did not see you god knows how much time! How are you?


So children call something very simple. However, not only children.

I could make that for you, if you like? It’s easy peasy! - I can do it for you, do you want? it trifle!

This is what they say about the sorted problem. Solve the problem - “to get it sorted”.

- What’s happening about that roof leak then? (So ​​what's with the leaking roof?)

- Oh that’s sorted now. I found a really good builder to do the job. (Ah, with that I figured out. Found for this a good builder.)

And another expression of British slang. If someone is out of sorts, we can say that he is “throwing a strop” (throwing a rope), or “getting a strop” (catching a rope), or “being stroppy”. In a word, "I got hit by the tail."

Andrew, would you please cheer up? It’s your birthday, don’t be so stroppy! - Andrew, please, above the nose! It's your birthday, don't be like that beech!


Friendly "goodbye."

Right, I have to go now, see you soon. Cheerio! “Now I have to go.” See you later, bye Bye!

A cunning trick (often dishonest) - as well as cunning, tracing smb. around the finger.

I can’t believe he managed to wangle the honeymoon suite in their hotel! - I can’t believe that he succeeded to get Honeymoon Suite at the hotel!


Gorgeous, amazing. Literally: "blinding."

They had a blinding party after their wedding ceremony. Everyone had such a great time! - After the wedding ceremony, they arranged enchanting the party. Everyone just had a great time!

So they say something unstable.

I can’t eat my dinner at this table. It’s wonky! “I can't have lunch at this table.” is he staggering!

A word from the vocabulary of the Americans. One who is zonked or zonked out is experiencing a complete breakdown.

He had a lot of fun at his birthday party earlier, but he’s completely zonked out now! - He had a lot of fun on his birthday, but now he's completely exhausted!

Sly, dodgy, unreliable, suspicious, not trustworthy. The Russian equivalent is “dumb”.

I saw a few dodgy-looking people standing around along that quiet street near our house, so just to be on the safe side, I notified the police. - I noticed a few suspicious people gathered in a quiet street near our house, and just in case, notified the police.

This food looks a bit dodgy, it might have passed its expiry date. I don’t think we should eat it. - The food looks a little suspiciouslyprobably she had an expiration date. I don’t think we should eat it.

It’s the same as “running” (as you remember, leg is “foot” in English).

I went out on Halloween night, and someone jumped out from behind a bush to scare me. I was so frightened, that I just legged it all the way back home! “I went outside on Halloween night, and someone jumped out from behind the bushes to scare me.” I was so terrified that was running all the way to home!

Well, you have come to the end, congratulations! Surely some of the words on our list were immediately deposited in your head. Try to remember the rest. Now, if you travel to a country where English is spoken, it will be significantly easier for you to maintain a conversation with native speakers. And before you go on a trip, try practicing with a tutor of English on Skype.

Did some of the words on our list cause you difficulty? Not only with you! Watch how British actor Hugh Laurie (who, incidentally, lived in America, starring in Doctor House) and presenter Ellen Degeneres, an American, share slang expressions that they know.

British slang

Britons around the world are considered stiff and arrogant. Let's see if these traits were reflected in their slang words and expressions.

    Skint - without money, penniless

I’m skint now. Could you please lend me some money? - I am now penniless. Could you lend me some money?

To wag off - skip school or work

I didn’t do my homework so I decided to wag off the last lesson. - I did not do my homework, so I decided take a walk last lesson.

Joe bloggs - ordinary, unremarkable person

It’s a luxurious piece of furniture. I doubt that Joe bloggs could afford it. - This is an expensive piece of furniture. I doubt that a common person can afford it.

In the American slang, such a person is called John Doe. Blinding - amazing

The new assistant director showed blinding results during the probation period. - The new assistant director revealed brilliant results for the trial period.

Chuffed - very pleased, joyful

I’m absolutely chuffed with my birthday present. Thanks! - I am very satisfied birthday present. Thank!

A conk - blow to the head, blow to the nose

Accordingly, the verb to conk translates as "hit in the nose / head."

He was conked right after the beginning of the fight. - Him hit on the head immediately after the start of the battle.

Interestingly, the famous Coca-Cola soda is called the word Conk, and Pepsi is called Bepis. A corker - especially a good, attractive, funny person or thing

He is a pleasant and generous person. He’s a real corker. “He is a very pleasant and generous man.” is he cool.

To do one’s nut - lose your temper, get mad, get mad

She is bad-tempered and can easily do her nut. - She's quick-tempered and can easily lose temper.

A damp squib - disappointment, deceived hope, failure, fiasco

It looks like the new project of the company is a damp squib. - It seems that the new project of the company is failure.

A doofer - a thing whose name you do not know or have forgotten (this one is like it.)

What is that doofer? - This is what the unknown contraption?

I hate when my roommate earwigs my phone calls. - I hate it when my roommate overhearswhat I'm talking on the phone about.

Knackered - tired, squeezed like a lemon (about a person), old, unusable (about a thing)

I’m knackered after preparing for the presentation all night. - I tired like a dog, because all night preparing for the presentation.

Codswallop - absurdity, nonsense, nonsense

I don’t believe that he became a drug addict. That’s codswallop. - I do not believe that he became a drug addict. it rave.

To wangle - get something by cunning, beg, contrive

I managed to wangle free tickets to an upcoming Imagine Dragons concert. - I managed to get free tickets for the upcoming Imagine Dragons concert.


In formal English, bloody means "bloodied". Но чаще это слово употребляется в переносном значении. Переводится оно как «чертов», «черт возьми» и далее по нарастающей — зависит от степени вашего негодования или других эмоций. Происхождение сленгового слова связывают с разнузданными хулиганами-аристократами (bloods).

I won’t go there. It’s bloody freezing. — Я туда не пойду. There damn холодно.

Лучший друг Гарри Поттера Рон часто использует слово bloody в разных ситуациях:

Американский сленг

Американский сленг отличается своим юмором, краткостью и точностью. Давайте рассмотрим самые популярные слова.

Если вы смотрите ситкомы и телешоу, то знаете, что американцы употребляют это слово на каждом шагу. Awesome может обозначать как восторг и восхищение, так и страх: awe переводится как «страх», «трепет».

My friend Nick is an awesome guy. You would be perfect for each other! — Мой друг Ник — a great парень! Вы бы идеально подошли друг другу.

Cool — крутой

Слово также может переводиться наречием — «круто» или «хорошо» — и означать ваше согласие с идеей.

— I’m throwing a party next week. Do you want to come?
Cool! Sure, I’d love to!
— Я устраиваю вечеринку на следующей неделе. Хочешь прийти?
Круто! Конечно, хочу!

A hotshot — успешный человек, ас, профи

James is a hotshot in law. — Джеймс — pros в сфере юриспруденции.

To hang out — ходить куда-либо вместе, тусоваться

We must hang out sometime. — Нужно как-нибудь вместе куда-то выбраться.

To be jonesing to do smth — страстно хотеть чего-либо

I’M jonesing to have a cup of tea. Can we have a break? - I really want to Cup of tea. Can we take a break?

The phrase can be used both with the preposition and without the pretext out.

- Hello guys! What are you doing?
- We’re just chilling.
- Hi guys. What you are doing?
- Simply have a rest.

To chill out can be used in another meaning. For example, if you get nervous and run out of nowhere, they may tell you:

Chill out. He won’t bother you any more. - Cool down. He won't bother you anymore.

Fleek - attractive, good looking (about a person or thing)

Your outfit today is fleek. - Do you have today very beautiful outfit.

A creep - an unpleasant, strange person, an eccentric

At first he seemed to be a creep, but it soon appeared that he is a pleasant and interesting person. - At first it seemed that he eccentric, but then it turned out that he was a very pleasant and interesting person.

A couch potato - a lazy person who spends most of his time lying on the couch, a sofa vegetable

On weekends I turn into a couch potato and do nothing. - On weekends I turn into sofa vegetable and I’m not doing anything.

To have a crush on - to be in love with someone (often not very long time)

She has a crush on Jared Leto. - She is in love with Jared Leto.

Ripped - pumped up, with well-defined muscles (about a man)

He started going to the gym to be ripped. - He started going to the gym to look pumped up.

To wrap up - finish doing something, curl up

We have been waiting for you for too long. Wrap up quickly. “We have been waiting for you for a very long time.” Come on curl up faster.

Zonked - like squeezed lemon, tired

I’m zonked after work and I don’t want to go out. - I am after work squeezed like a lemon and I don’t want to go anywhere.

Hyped (up) - excited, excited, inflated

He looked hyped up because of the intensive training. - He looked inflated due to intense training.

It is impossible not to mention the word hype. In the youth slang of the Russian language, it sounds like that - hype, which means "hype around some event."

But for all this hype about the film, it would have passed unnoticed. - If not all this hype around the film, he would go unnoticed.

A shade - offensive, insulting joke

This word is usually used in the expression to throw shade at / on with the meaning "subtly, covertly offend a person."

She couldn't resist the temptation to throw a shade on him. - She could not resist the temptation It's a shame to joke over him.

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We hope this article has helped those who want to make their English more natural. We suggest you practice new words in our free introductory lesson. Call the teacher awesome or even a hotshot - he will definitely appreciate it :-)

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