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Subtraction in Microsoft Excel


Excel, using a tool such as formulas, allows you to perform various arithmetic operations between data in cells. Subtraction also applies to such actions. Let's take a closer look at the ways in which this calculation can be performed in Excel.

Subtraction in Excel can be applied to both specific numbers and the addresses of the cells in which the data is located. This action is performed thanks to special formulas. As in other arithmetic calculations in this program, you must set the equal sign before the subtraction formula (=) . Then the decremented one (in the form of a number or cell address), the minus sign (-) , the first deductible (as a number or address), and in some cases subsequent deductible.

Let's look at specific examples of how this arithmetic operation is performed in Excel.

Method 1: Subtracting Numbers

The simplest example is the subtraction of numbers. In this case, all actions are performed between specific numbers, as in a conventional calculator, and not between cells.

After these actions are performed, the result is displayed in the selected cell. In our case, this is 781. If you used other data to calculate, then, accordingly, you will get a different result.

Method 2: subtract numbers from cells

But, as you know, Excel is, first of all, a program for working with tables. Therefore, operations with cells are very important in it. In particular, they can also be used for subtraction.

Method 4: mass processing a subtraction operation

Quite often, when working with Excel, it happens that you need to calculate the subtraction of an entire column of cells to another column of cells. Of course, you can write a separate formula for each action manually, but this will take a significant amount of time. Fortunately, the functionality of the application is able to greatly automate such calculations, thanks to the autocomplete function.

For example, we calculate the profit of the enterprise in different areas, knowing the total revenue and cost of production. To do this, from the revenue you need to take the cost.

Method 5: mass subtraction of the data of one cell from the range

But sometimes you need to do just the opposite, namely, so that the address does not change during copying, but remains constant, referring to a specific cell. How to do this?

The above example is only a special case. Similarly, it can be done the other way around so that the deductible remains constant and the deductible is relative and changes.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in mastering the subtraction procedure in Excel. It is performed according to the same laws as other arithmetic calculations in this application. Knowing some interesting nuances will allow the user to correctly process large amounts of data by this mathematical action, which will significantly save his time.

Excel is a spreadsheet editor from the popular Microsoft Office suite of office applications. Most often it is used for input, storage and statistical processing of relatively small data sets. In this table editor, the user has access to quite complex mathematical, statistical, logical, analytical functions, and even the simplest operations of addition and subtraction are very easy to implement.

Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet editor.

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If you need to calculate the difference of two numbers using this spreadsheet editor, click the cell in which you want to see the result and enter the equal sign. If the contents of a cell begin with this character, Excel considers that a mathematical operation or formula has been placed in it. After the equal sign, without a space, type the number to be reduced, put a minus and enter the deductible. Then press Enter, and the difference between the two numbers entered will be displayed in the cell. Modify the procedure described in the first step slightly if the number to be reduced or subtracted should be taken from some other cell in the table. For example, if cell B5 displays a 55-reduced number from cell D1, click B5, enter an equal sign, and click cell D1. After the equal sign, a link to the cell you specified appears. You can also type its address manually without using the mouse. Then enter the subtraction sign, the number 55 and press Enter - Excel will calculate and display the result. To subtract the value of one cell from the value of another, use the same algorithm - enter an equal sign, type the address or click the cell with the value to be reduced with the cursor. Then put a minus sign, type or click the cell with the subtracted value and press Enter. If you want to create an entire column of cells containing the difference of numbers from other columns of each table row, start by creating one such cell in the first row. Do this according to the algorithm described in the previous step. Then move the cursor to the lower right corner of the cell with the subtraction formula and drag it down to the last row of the table with the left mouse button. Excel itself will change the links in the formulas for each row when you release the left button. How simple

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How good to be able to ... count. This phrase is especially relevant if you are dealing with numbers and often work in Microsoft Excel. This is a fairly convenient program not only for complex financial calculations, but also for home accounting. Through this article, you will learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in Microsoft Excel.

First of all, we will create a bridgehead for work - simple tablets, for example, on the topic of home accounting. To do this, open Microsoft Excel and print the table templates: sheet 1 is called “Arrival”, sheet 2 is “Consumption”, sheet 3 is “Profit”. The first two tables are filled with numerical values, based on which the values ​​in the third plate will be calculated.
As a result, you should get something like the following:

Now we are faced with the task of calculating the total in the first two tablets. To do this, add up the numerical values ​​vertically (total calculation for all family members for a month) and horizontally (total for one family member for 12 months). Consider several addition methods in Microsoft Excel.

Select cell B6 and select "AutoSum" in the "Formulas" menu.

In the drop-down list, select the item "Amount".

You will see how Excel selected the cells to be summed with a dashed line, and the formula was displayed in the formula bar and cell B6:
= SUM (B2: B5)

This record is decrypted quite simply:
“=” - an equal sign means that the selected cell will contain the result of some mathematical action, in our case, the result of the sum of numbers.
"SUM" - the sum, the name of the mathematical action (function), the result of which will be displayed in the cell.
"(B2: B5)" - a range of cells, the contents of which will be summed. The ranges of successive cells are always written through the colon: the first cell is the beginning of the range, the second is its end.

Microsoft Excel did almost all the work for us. It remains to check the correctness of the cells selected by the program and press Enter on the keyboard. The total amount for January is calculated.
By the way, instead of Enter, you can click the "Enter" button in the formula bar. And to cancel the calculation of the amount, just click on the "Cancel" button in the same line.

Adding using ranges is good because you can insert any number of rows or columns between the start and end cells of a range. The total amount will be automatically recalculated, and the range itself will automatically increase by the added number of rows (columns).
For clarity, we will add Grandpa to our home accounting. We can personally see how the total for January has changed. The added row automatically fit into the range of cells involved in the calculation of the amount.

To add numbers in Microsoft Excel, it is not necessary to constantly open the "Formulas" menu, this mathematical action can also be selected directly from the line of formulas. To do this, also select the cell in which the result of addition should be displayed (for example, E6), and click on the “fx” button - “Insert Function”.

The Function Wizard launches. Since we have already used the SUM function, it will be in the list of 10 recently used ones.

In other cases, you must select the category "Mathematical" and in the list of functions mark "SUM". Below you can also read the description of this function.

After clicking the “OK” button, you will be taken to the cell selection window for summing.

Here is the range of cells in our table, the numbers contained in them, and a preliminary amount is calculated. Also in this window it is possible to add new cells to the summed arguments. To do this, click the button with a red arrow in the "Number2" field and select the desired range of cells on the Excel worksheet with the mouse. This feature is used when using the Function Wizard you summarize the scatter of going cells.
To calculate the amount, click "OK" and enjoy the result. Of course, this method is longer than the previous one, but it also has a right to exist.

The following addition method in Microsoft Excel is suitable for those who like to click the mouse, since no menus and function wizards are used in it.
This method is convenient not only for addition, but also for subtraction, multiplication and division.
So, select the cell with which the result of the sum will be written with the mouse. In our example, this is F6. On the keyboard, click the equal sign (=) and click on the cell with the first digit we want to add (F2). Next, click the plus sign (+) on the keyboard and click the next cell (F3), then again the plus sign and click the cell again and so on to F5. It will turn out something like a mathematical example, which in all its glory will appear in the line of formulas.

To display the result of the amount, press the Enter button on the keyboard or the "Enter" button in the formula bar.
Now you can calculate the remaining total for months on your own using any of the above methods.
We have the following numbers.

We dealt with the months. Now let's calculate the total for family members - who brought in how much money for the year. It would be nice to use the first method of summing up, but ... having reached the Son, Microsoft Excel for some reason did not want to correctly select the range of cells to be summed up and decided to add the Pope to Mom, which does not suit us at all.

Having received such a picture, don’t start clicking the mouse and cancel entering the formula, just tell the program the correct range of cells: from B4 to M4. To do this, mouse over cell B4 and click the left mouse button. Without releasing it, move the mouse to the right until the selection frame captures the M4 cell. After that, you can release the left mouse button and press Enter. The sum of the cells will be calculated correctly.

To become professional Excel mathematicians, we’ll explore another way of adding numbers in Microsoft Excel. If earlier in calculating the amount we used the menu, buttons and mouse, now we will enter all the actions and functions manually in the formula bar.
As usual, select the cell in which the result of the sum will be written (we have N5) and left-click in the formula bar. Here we print our formula: = B5 + C5 + D5 + E5 + F5 + G5 + H5 + I5 + J5 + K5 + L5 + M5
Those. we list in order all the cells whose contents should be summed.

Instead of this awesome set of numbers and letters, you can enter a familiar function:
= SUM (B5: M5)
The result will be the same. If you like working with the formula bar and you have a good memory for function names, this method is for you. With the proper level of training, you will make calculations pretty quickly.

Thus, we calculated the family income for the year. I suggest that you consider the expenses of the family yourself by any of the methods you like. I will give only the results that we have obtained.

We have mastered the addition. Now move on to the subtraction. We have to calculate the profit made by the family for the year. Profit is calculated as follows: income minus expense. For example, to get Mom’s profit for January, we need to subtract Mom’s expenses for January from Mom’s income for January.
For this purpose, open the sheet "Profit". Select cell B2 and type an equal sign (=) on the keyboard. Now we will go to the “Parish” sheet and click cell B2. Next, on the keyboard, click the minus (-) button. Now go to the “Consumption” sheet and click cell B2. Press Enter on the keyboard and, vaul, the profit is calculated.
And our profit was calculated according to the formula that we created with all these mouse clicks and typing on the keyboard, and which can be seen in the formula bar on the “Profit” sheet.

Decipher the resulting formula.
You are already familiar with the equal sign, he tells us that the result of some calculation will appear in the selected cell.
The words “Coming!” And “Consumption!” (Necessarily with an exclamation mark) indicate the sheet names in the current Microsoft Excel workbook.
B2 - table cell. Together, the entry “Parish! B2” stands for “cell B2, belonging to the sheet Parish”. Accordingly, the entry “Consumption! B2” is read as “cell B2 on the Consumption sheet”. Therefore, the same cell names (B2) should not mislead you, because these cells are on different excel sheets.

And, finally, the minus sign between “Arrival! B2” and “Consumption! B2” indicates that we subtract from the values ​​in cell B2 of the receipt sheet the number contained in cell B2 of the Consumption sheet.
Well, you yourself did not notice how you learned not just to subtract in Microsoft Excel, but to count the difference of two numbers from different sheets of the same book. The scheme of work when calculating the difference (as well as the sum, multiplication and division) of numbers from different Excel books is exactly the same, only you have to move between two books. In this case, both books must be open at the same time.
With numbers on the same sheet, it's still easier. Such a formula will contain equal signs and subtractions, as well as cell names. For example,
= B2-B3
Now independently calculate the profit of the Pope, the Son and the Daughter for January. You should have the following:

Copy formulas

However, we still have not calculated profit for the remaining months. And so, we just click back and forth on the sheets, you say. Of course not. Microsoft Excel has a great opportunity to copy the formula to all the necessary cells.
To do this, select the cell with the formula on the sheet "Profit". In our case, this is cell B2. Bring the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the cell. When a small black cross appears, press the left mouse button and, without releasing it, move the mouse to the right, capturing all the cells into which you want to copy the formula.

Notice that the cell names in the copied formulas have changed automatically.

Now copy the formulas for the remaining months and make profit for the Pope, Son, and Daughter. Keep in mind that you must first select the appropriate box, for example, B3 for the Pope or B5 for the Daughter, and then copy the formula.
Итого можете подсчитать, суммируя полученные значения любим из рассмотренных ранее способов.
В результате у нас получились следующие значения:

Интересно, что при изменении числовых значений в ячейках, задействованных в формуле, итоговое значение также изменится. Для примера, увеличим доход Дочери за январь с 40 до 100. При этом её прибыль должна увеличиться с 30 до 90.
Вводим в ячейку В5 на листе «Приход» цифру 100 и на листе «Прибыль» автоматически получаем ожидаемые 90. This is because cell B5 participates in the formula "= Income! B5-Consumption! B5" and no matter how much the number contained in it is changed, the result of the formula will be recalculated according to these changes.

Multiplication and Division
Finally, we analyze two more simple mathematical operations. The principles underlying multiplication and division are no different from those previously considered.
For multiplication, the * sign on the keyboard is responsible, for division, the / sign
For example, create a salary plate and recalculate the salary, taking into account a certain coefficient. Our task is to multiply the employee's salary by the coefficient assigned to him. As a result, we get the final salary for each employee.

Select cell D2 with the mouse and put an equal sign in it. Then click cell B2, put the multiplication sign (key *) and click cell C2. Press Enter on the keyboard. As a result, we get the following formula:
= B2 * C2

Using this method, I suggest that you independently calculate the salaries of other employees. You should get the following numbers:

Note that if you change any of the values ​​(salary or coefficient), the total employee salary will be automatically recalculated.
Now let's do the division. Add one more cell to our plate and divide the total salary of each employee by 30 to find out the income for the day.

To calculate how much money Comrade Ivanov has per day, select cell E2 and enter the equal sign. Then click cell D2 and type / 30 in the formula bar. The following entry should appear in the formula bar:
= D2 / 30
We complete the calculation by pressing Enter on the keyboard.
We will do the same for the rest of the workers, not forgetting to select the cells corresponding to them specifically.
As a result, we got the following plate.

Instead of 30, you can enter the name of the cell that contains the number - the divisor. For example, B2. Then the formula will look like:
= D2 / B2
In this case, the value located in cell D2 will be divided by the number from cell B2.
Let me remind you that if any of the numbers participating in the formula changes, for example, salary or coefficient, the calculated value, for example, the employee’s daily earnings, will also be recalculated.

So, we have learned not only the basics of accounting, but also the basic mathematical operations in Microsoft Excel. The application of one or another method of calculation will depend on your preferences and the task before you.

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The subtraction operation in the Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet editor can be applied to two specific numbers or to individual cells. In addition, it is possible to subtract the desired values ​​from all the cells in a column, row or other area of ​​the spreadsheet. This operation can be part of any formulas or itself include functions that calculate the reduced and subtracted values.

Subtraction Application

Subtraction in Excel can be applied to both specific numbers and the addresses of the cells in which the data is located. This action is performed thanks to special formulas. As in other arithmetic calculations in this program, you must set the equal sign before the subtraction formula (=). Then the decremented one (in the form of a number or cell address), the minus sign (-), the first deductible (as a number or address), and in some cases subsequent deductible.

Let's look at specific examples of how this arithmetic operation is performed in Excel.

Method 3: subtract a cell from a cell

You can perform subtraction operations without any numbers at all, manipulating only the addresses of the data cells. The principle of action is the same.

    We select a cell to display the results of calculations and put a sign in it "equally". Click on the cell containing the decremented. We put a sign «-». Click on the cell containing the subtracted. If the operation needs to be carried out with several deductibles, then we also put a sign "minus" and carry out the actions in the same way.

  • After all the data is entered, to display the result, click on the button Enter.
  • Subtraction of numbers

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    = DATE (YEAR (A2) + B2, MONTH (A2), DAY (A2))Its text can be in other cells. Subtraction in Excel. In the Excel formula in the formula formula in each. So, add the numbers of the table, select, fill, A1, and then Subtract numbers in the range We try as

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    Add or subtract dates

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