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How to become an author of your book of life


Many people live quite routine. And for some, life is full of interesting events. And in this case, I want to understand how to write a book about my life and make money on it. Of course, not everything is so easy and beautiful. But if you make a sufficient amount of effort, then it will work out for you, if not a bestseller, then at least labor of medium popularity.

Where to begin?

When writing a book about yourself, it is best to start by choosing a topic. You can write a book about your whole life if you are famous or you have great talent. And you are sure that everything will turn out interesting.

Beginning authors are better off writing about a particular period of life. Make a name in style:

Like me…

  • How I went to work in Moscow (from the province, in the sense),
  • Or How I lived in a communal apartment,
  • How i was in the north
  • And so on.

Then think about what interesting events can be described. Create a list of such events. For example,

  1. Fishing catch
  2. My wife beat me
  3. Failed in a hole and stuff.

Remember, the more interesting the cases, the more successful the book.

How to plan a book about your life?

It is best to write such a book according to a predetermined plan. Do everything in such a way that actions evolve incrementally.

Start with a short introduction.. It should be interesting and promising.

Next, tell us something interesting, but not too much. Then touch on a brighter topic.

For example, you have a book about work in Moscow - “The Capital and Me”.

The plan may be this:

  • Why did I decide to conquer the golden-headed? (introduction),
  • Preparing for the move (tie),
  • First difficulties (development),
  • Problems of work in Moscow (approaching the climax),
  • Like I almost became a bum (climax)
  • They wanted to kill me (climax)
  • Reached heights (denouement),
  • Should I go to the capital? (completion, results)

As you can see, the degree is constantly growing. This gives the reader the opportunity not to come off to the end. And yet, if the title is more interesting than the text itself, then that's okay.

If there isn’t a real UFO in the chapter “How I Met a UFO”, this is normal. The main thing is that there is no outright delirium and there is some justification.

How to make money on a book about your life?

To do this, you need to study the target audience. It is better to do this before you start writing.

For example, who exactly will buy your book? If this is a story about students, then teens.

If the story is about parenting, then the female audience. By the way, writing for women is very preferable. They are most prone to shopping.

When you decide, it’s worth writing the work itself. Edit it. Order a cover from the artist. You can simply contact someone who knows how to work in a photo shop.

After that, put the book in online stores:

This can be done through the Ridero platform, by the way.

In addition, you can put the familiarization fragments of the book on the websites of an independent publication: Litnet, Author Tudey, Cellulose, Samlib (Samizdat) and others.

If all goes well, then you will receive your first money. And then everything will depend on how you will promote a book about your life. But that's another story.

Start dreaming

Psychologists advise: dream, dreams are the key to success.

We all dream - this is normal. Dreams - a kind of design for the future life, each person, one way or another, is able to imagine his future life - another thing, how such dreams are objective. However, according to experts in the field of psychiatry, dreams are an integral part of our life, regardless of how close they are to reality. Fantasies help us cope with everyday life; without them, life would seem unbearably boring, gray and dreary to us.

Often dreams, especially those that we dare to voice, may seem like delirium, a lie. In fact, this is not entirely true - the pictures that appear in our subconscious mind are not at all delirious - on the contrary, a kind of thin thread connecting us with reality, which sometimes can even reconcile us with it, or, more simply put, make life easier. After all, as you know, one hundred percent objectivity and realism can sometimes plunge even the most persistent person into the most hopeless gloom. The fantasies that arise in our heads are already the beginning of the path to writing our own life as a novel.

Analyze the inherited scenario

Without a past, there is no future — everyone knows. Our past is our roots. This or that event, which is destined to happen in our destiny, is nothing but a continuation of the centuries-old history of our family. It sounds incredible - but it is our ancestors who determine our present day. From generation to generation, the subconscious of a child who has not even been born is formed. It is not for nothing that there is an opinion, for example, that it is common for daughters to repeat the fate of their mother, that is, if, say, the mother gave birth to a first-born at a young age, or was unsuccessful in relations with men, then most likely her daughter also expects the same. It is quite difficult to call such a state of affairs fate or karma - the whole thing is in the upbringing and character traits that are laid in the child at an unconscious age besides his desire. That is why the task of becoming the full owner of one’s life is sometimes almost impossible.

In addition to the foregoing, imprint on your future life, of course, and education. Your ability to dream and design your own "romance" is formed thanks to your closest relative - mom and dad. When you were very young, you watched a movie that your parents chose, read books that they offered you, went to the theater, listened to music, that is, acquired all the necessary cultural facilities that now help (or, on the contrary, prevent you from living) . Without the help of parents, your book of life would be simply unrealizable, which is why it is so important to remember your own roots, regardless of which path you choose for yourself.

Do not be afraid of self-promotion

The thought is material, and although this statement is controversial, nevertheless, we are really capable of becoming the way we would like to see ourselves in our dreams. And the point here is not metaphysics at all, but the fact that creating this or that image for our environment, we ourselves unwittingly begin to strive for it.

However, to make society believe in our fiction, we need imagination. This is not to say that we are constantly lying to seem to strangers far more attractive than it actually is, but, nevertheless, each of us knows how to embellish reality. We add bright colors to the resume so that we are hired for a good position, we pretend to be an experienced seductress to impress a handsome man. Not to mention social networks - there a person can afford to be what he would like to become, but for some reason he cannot. We all sell ourselves - this is the law of marketing, the law of modern life, if you want.

Both the author and the statistician

Perhaps the most basic rule, if you have already decided to take control of your own life, is not to forget that other people also have enough of their stories, which should not overlap with ours at all. Stories, dreams, hopes, fantasies - each of us has the right to them. Enthusiastic about writing your book, keep in mind that it cannot exist in isolation from others. Especially if these others, according to your plan, should become the heroes of your novel. The uniqueness of life is that in it we can simultaneously be the author of our own story, and one of the main characters of a stranger, and a secondary character, or even an extras in the third. So, as soon as you learn to exist side by side with other “books”, writing your own will not be difficult.

How to write a book: how it all began

I dreamed of writing a book from childhood and always knew that someday I would do it. With this confidence, I lived for 30+ years, but I never wrote a book, somehow I will have time later, I reassured myself.

Once on Vkontakte, I saw an advertisement for the marathon of Evgenia Koroleva # targeting. The conditions were very attractive: three months and your book is ready. I went to the website of the marathon, everything was so temptingly described there that I could not resist and paid for participation.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that I didn’t regret it for a minute, but, on the contrary, I am very grateful to the universe, fate, and the smart VKontakte tape for stumbling upon this announcement and, of course, for Eugenia for her work, responsiveness, friendliness and cool motivation.

The participants in the marathon wrote a book for ten weeks (this applies to the text itself). It was necessary to write at least 120 thousand characters without spaces. In the printed version of my book 136 sheets. But, of course, it all depends on the font, its size, layout, design, the presence of illustrations, so this is an approximate figure. The one that turned out with me. And another two weeks were allotted for editing, proofreading, design. Only three months and the book is ready.

How to choose a theme for a non-fiction book

I wrote non-fiction book. In such books, a minimum of fiction, and the plot is based on real events. Usually non-fiction are books on self-development, business, psychology and others like that.

Choosing a topic is one of the most difficult stages. I had a few ideas (maybe some of them I still implement):

  • Motifs for mom (for women who are mired in everyday life, despaired of building a good relationship, launched themselves, believe that they need to live for the sake of children, and not with children, etc., in short, such a book will help them perk up and make their life brighter).
  • Book about books (I read a lot of books on self-development and personal growth, many of them helped me a lot, I want to tell in my book about all the coolest books that they teach, with examples from my life).
  • A book on how to write articles for money (working title: “Happy Scribe”).
  • A book about family relationships (I’ve been married 15 years and I have something to share).
  • Time management for moms (I already wrote one such one, but it was more like a mini-brochure than a full-fledged book, by the way, you can download it for free on this site, in the right menu).
  • As we all lost weight with the help of the declaration and lost 52 kg. for 3 months (this is a real story).

In general, there were a lot of ideas. Eugene suggested that we fill out a checklist to decide. In the checklist there were questions about the future book: for whom is she, who is her ideal reader, a source of knowledge (personal experience, research, other people's experience, etc.). It was also suggested to choose a format (I will add my own options so that you have more room for choice):

  • History of success.
  • Story of failure.
  • Cases.
  • Step by step instructions.
  • 10 ways ...
  • Something from A to Z.
  • Problem solving.
  • Personal story.
  • Stories of other people.
  • Expert Advice.
  • Learning something.

Choose a topic and format that is closer to you, on which you have something to say and write. As a result, I decided on the format: this is a personal experience plus cases and exercises. Self-development book about actions and achieving goals. My idea was this: write a book so that each chapter contains a piece of theory, a personal story, and an exercise that you need to perform to achieve what you want. And so it happened.

My book on achieving goals and it became a goal for me: I wrote a declaration and promised that if, by the New Year of 2019, I would not write and publish a book, I would dye my hair blue. Thank God this was not necessary. Book is written.

How to come up with a title for a book

When you have decided on the format you need come up with a name. I will explain a little, in the article I share my personal experience, and do not describe in detail the marathon for writing a book, I mention some moments from the marathon, but in general I tell my vision in particular, so as not to spoil it, suddenly you want to go to the marathon to Eugene. I highly recommend it, by the way.

So, a lot of people helped to choose the name: friends, relatives, colleagues, other participants in the marathon. Sketch many, many options to choose a title for the book. At all brainstorm - My favorite method of finding a solution for anything. Sketch all the options that come to your mind, even if they seem crazy. Perhaps then it will be possible to generate a suitable name from parts of other inappropriate names.

I had the following title options for the book:

  • Self motivator
  • The whole truth about mental masturbation
  • Nude motivation
  • General Motivation Book
  • Act, do not care for everyone
  • Act, the world will adjust
  • Secrets of Non-Ideality
  • 13 principles to achieve a goal
  • Happiness is not equal to ideality
  • Don't be the best version of yourself - be yourself
  • How to be, not seem
  • Always keep up with everything
  • How not to be in time
  • How not to be in time, to be in time
  • What's wrong with me
  • Reality: what's wrong with me
  • There is no motivation
  • Planning and motivation - a myth
  • You don't need to motivate yourself
  • Are you busy with that?
  • Am I busy with that?
  • Is it necessary to act?
  • You didn't know that for sure
  • I want to have, but I do not want to act
  • Decision is more important than motivation

In the end, I settled on the title "What's wrong with me?" I want to have, but I do not want to act. ” It turned out on the basis of two options generated at the stage of the brainstorming. And then I used some of the alleged names as the title of chapters.

Write an introduction to the book and make a plan

The next step in writing a book: compose plan and write an introduction. Most likely the plan will not be final, at the stage of writing I changed it several times, added something, removed something, but the main backbone still needs to be compiled in order to understand what to write about. The same applies to the introduction. It is needed. Most likely, after the entire text of the book is written, the introduction text will change, supplement, shorten, and so on, but, as with the plan (table of contents), the main information will remain.

My final plan was as follows:

In the red frame in the picture, the part of the book that can be read for free.

How to write text books

The most important and most difficult thing when writing text is disable internal editor. Just tell him: shut up! And write yourself, write and write. Do not correct, do not try to do it right away. All this will be later: at the stage of editing, proofreading, but for now it is important to write a book. This is especially true for people like me, perfectionist-procrastinators (by the way, in my book there is a whole chapter about this).

To write a book and not merge, just set yourself a volume, less than which you can’t write. For example, at the marathon we needed to write at least 12 thousand characters with spaces per week, so that in 10 weeks the volume of the book would reach 120 thousand characters - a non-fiction book of this volume can be sent to publishers, no less. But the book does not have to be sent to the publisher, it can be published through special services on the Internet, more on that below, and it will be sold in online stores.

To understand how much you want to write optimally, set a minimum for yourself. For example, 2 thousand characters per day. It is not difficult. Take a break one day a week (if you want), then just 12 thousand characters a week will be obtained and after 10 weeks the text will be ready. Well, the meaning is clear.

Set the deadline and write. Do not forget to send the internal censor away, otherwise, if at the writing stage you try to edit, correct, and write perfectly, you will not write anything in the end. And so, even your own imperfect, but written, text can then be added to the ideal.

How to write a pitch for a book

Pitch is a short description of the book. At first, my pitch turned out to be rather long, like this:

“We all want to achieve goals and“ fulfill our dreams, ”but often something goes wrong. And then we ask ourselves the question: well, what is wrong with me? Why do others succeed, but I do not? At heart, we know why: we want to have, but do not want to act, or just do not what we need. And we get the natural results of our actions.

This is a simulator book. In each chapter there is a bit of theory, stories from the life of the author and other people, as well as specific exercises. Performing them, you act purposefully and become one step closer to fulfilling your dream, achieving a goal that you yourself will choose.

In addition, this book is a unique experiment. For the author, writing this book is the goal! And if you read it, then the goal is achieved. And it was fulfilled thanks to the techniques described in the book.

There is no magic, esotericism or secrets of "successful success". Only specific practical recommendations, explanations of why and how it works. By reading the book and doing the exercises, you achieve the goal. You get the habit of acting, taking responsibility, making decisions, getting to know yourself better, maintaining a balance in all areas of life. ”

Then I cut it and redid it a bit, and also split it into two. Pitch - written on the front cover of the cover, and the abstract - on the back of the cover.

Editing and proofreading books

After the text of the book is completely ready: there is a pitch, a table of contents (plan) is written, an introduction, the text itself, a conclusion, it must be subtracted. Of course, the author's eyes are blurred and it is difficult to find flaws. Поэтому очень важно, чтобы вашу книгу прочитал кто-то еще до публикации. Это будут бета-ридеры.

Попросите родственников, друзей или коллег прочитать вашу книгу и написать мини-рецензию, сказать свои замечания, отметить сильные и слабые стороны. Мою книгу читала мама, сестра и одна очень хорошая женщина, которая тоже проходила марафон. They all wrote their comments. Correction of grammatical errors is not included in their task, as this can be done by the corrector. Beta readers pay attention to the meaning of what is written.

But not all beta-reader comments you must take into account. The last word always remains with the author. But here it is important: if several people have pointed out the same flaw, most likely something needs to be done with this fragment.

After I read the book several times myself, my beta readers read it, I corrected the flaws and decided to find an experienced book editor. First, I turned to the woman who worked as an editor at Eksmo, found her on VKontakte, but unfortunately she had a very busy schedule, and I was running out of time, I had to fit into the framework of the marathon, and also a declaration.

Then I decided to look for an editor on the ETXT exchange, I found a woman there who suggested editing a test fragment. What she did turned out to be creepy, she misinterpreted everything, wrote non-existent facts, and as we remember non-fiction - this is a minimum of fiction, gave an excessive emotional coloring. A piece of the “edited fragment” in the screenshots below.

And another screenshot of the "editor":

In short, I decided that I did not need an editor. But the corrector is needed. Let me explain that the editor is working on the semantic component, the style of the book, and the corrector corrects errors and typos. With the corrector, I decided not to risk it and ordered the services on the Ridero website, where I planned to publish the book. At least at least some guarantee. Employees of the Ridero service protect their reputation, so it is not in their interests to do something poorly. I was pleased with the proof.

The cost of corrector services is 1100 rubles. for one copyright sheet. Copyright sheet - This is 40 thousand characters without spaces. That is, my book - 120 thousand characters - is three copyright sheets, I paid 3300 rubles for corrector services. The service also has the services of an editor, illustrator and others.

Publishing books in online stores and libraries

I published a book through Ridero service. First you need to register on it, then upload the text of the book in a special form. The site has an intuitive interface, there is no difficulty with this. There are paid and free accounts. I had enough free features. You can choose from the proposed cover layouts or upload your own, and also choose the format of the text in the book.

If you want to upload your cover, you can download a template for Photoshop on Ridero so that the cover is the right size. A friend Olga Volegova made the cover to me, for which many thanks to her. I will not describe in detail the entire functionality of the Ridero service, because in any case, you will need to dig there if you are planning to publish a book, moreover, there are enough useful instructions on their website, you can find them here.

In addition, the Ridero service has chat support, where you can always ask for advice, quickly answer all questions. It is also possible to order the services of a personal assistant, it helps to place illustrations in the book, to compose the text, to remove the hanging lines, etc. I can not say anything about the quality and usefulness of this service, since I did not use it.

After publication, the book must be sent for moderation, after which (if approved), book goes on sale on the Ridero website, as well as in online stores: Ozone, Amazon. Also in the Internet libraries: Liters, Maybuk, Bookmate and other book services partners of Litres. A complete list is on the website of the Ridero service. The book is also assigned ISBN - this is a unique number of the book edition. All of this is free.

This is what the page of the book on Ridero looks like.

Book price and royalties

For a book to go on sale, you need to specify royalties - this amount of royalties (how much you will receive from the sale of one copy of the book). Based on this amount, the service forms the final price. The difference between the selling price and the royalty service takes away. Let me give you an example so that you understand how much royalties are. The price of my book in online stores is 196 rubles.

For example, if a book is bought on Ridero, then I get 99 rubles from one electronic copy, if on Litres, then 49 rubles. Also on the Ridero service it is possible to order a print run of your book or buy a printed copy, royalties on printed copies are lower, only 49 rubles at a price of 342 rubles per printed copy.

There are also promotion services (I did not use them).

Ozone also has a print on demand, but there the price is higher - 479 rubles for my book. Here, the author does not participate in pricing, but receives only royalties.

All purchases are reflected in the statistics section of the Ridero service, and notifications also come when someone browses a page of a book or reads a free fragment. Money can be withdrawn to the card when 1000 rubles accumulate. The service pays the tax, taking into account the author's deduction, so you need to specify your data, including TIN, attach a photo or scan of the passport. Money comes within a month.

How to send a book to a publisher

I have not sent the manuscript to the publisher yet, but I plan to do it. I want to send to the MYTH, Peter and others. Typically, publisher sites have information for authors: in what form manuscripts are accepted, what needs to be written, and to what address to send.

By the way, if the publisher agrees to publish the book, then it will have to be removed from publication on the Ridero service. This is usually done within a month.

When a publisher publishes my book, I will also write a detailed article on how I got it. If you have any questions, write in the comments, I will answer. I wish you to write a bestseller!