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I had to clean the apartment, stained with blood ”


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Cleaning is reaching its peak of popularity in Russia, so entrepreneurs are increasingly considering how to open a cleaning company. This business is highly profitable, it allows you to occupy a niche with minimal investment.

How to open a cleaning company?

Cleaning services are in great demand. If in large cities the competition in this area is quite high, then in the regions the niche is not yet occupied. The main advantage of cleaning is the use of modern cleaning technologies and a wide range of services.

A business plan for 2019 will help to draw up a plan for opening a company, calculating the amount of financial investments, payback and profitability. This is a guide to action, in which all the steps of a businessman are recorded. The business plan of the cleaning company contains the following sections:

  • resume - a brief description of the company,
  • analysis of the market, the development of cleaning services in the city, region,
  • Description of activities
  • organizational plan for opening a company,
  • financial plan (start-up investments, monthly expenses, profitability), performance forecast,
  • advertising policy
  • production and recruitment plan,
  • risk analysis.

If you have experience in the field of financial calculations and forecasts, you can draw up a business plan yourself.

How to choose a direction of activity in the field of cleaning?

Before starting a business, it remains to be decided who the company will work with. This can be the provision of services to individuals or legal entities, enterprises, shopping or office centers, clinics, catering establishments, etc. According to statistics, cleaning services are most in demand among entertainment centers and trade organizations. In second place in terms of profitability are polyclinics, hospitals and office centers.

There are three areas of activity in the field of cleaning:

  1. one-time general cleaning, which is carried out after repair, construction in warehouses, in offices, apartments, etc.,
  2. regular cleaning of commercial, residential premises,
  3. specialized services, for example, dry cleaning.

A novice businessman is recommended to choose one direction in the field of cleaning. Some companies open for a specific purpose, for example, cleaning one hypermarket or chain of stores. As they develop, they conclude contracts with other shopping and office centers. Large cleaning companies provide services to five-star hotels - this is the most profitable income.

Stages of opening a cleaning company

After choosing the areas of activity in the field of cleaning and with working capital, you can begin to create an organization. An entrepreneur rents an office, buys equipment and invites employees to work.

Organization StagesStage Characteristic
check inTo open a small company registered IP. LLC is formed in the presence of founders and to work with legal entities.

  • To register an IP, you will need a statement, a copy of your passport, a receipt for paying the fee.
  • For the opening of the LLC prepare the charter, minutes of the meeting of the founders, a receipt, a statement.

The application indicates OKVED code 74.70 "Cleaning and tidying of industrial and residential premises ...". To save on taxes, you can go to the simplified tax system. Permission or license is not required.

Acquisition or rental of premisesOn a rented area of ​​20-25 m 2 there is a warehouse area for storing equipment and an office area for a manager, accountant, manager.
The selected premises must comply with the requirements of Sanitary Inspection and State Fire Supervision.
If possible, the office and the warehouse are located in the same building with customers or in the city center, so that employees can quickly get to work.
Equipment purchaseCleaning facilities and equipment are selected based on financial capabilities. In addition to professional detergents, you will have to purchase:

  1. specialized vacuum cleaners
  2. rotary machines
  3. washing machines,
  4. brooms and flounders,
  5. trolleys for transportation of devices,
  6. equipment for washing windows.

Necessarily need a car to deliver employees and accessories to the place of cleaning.

RecruitmentFirst of all, they hire clinics, then managers, an accountant, a driver, a lawyer.

Clinical hiring guidelines

The number of cleaners depends on the number of orders, the size of client premises, the demand for the services of a new company. Important experience with equipment and detergents. You can send beginners to study at a large cleaning company.

A professional cleaner can clean up a territory of 500 m 2 in one working day, so wages should be appropriate - 20-25 thousand rubles. This will help to avoid staff turnover. If demand increases sharply, you can invite outside staff.

The cost of opening a cleaning company

To start a company in the field of cleaning, small initial investments will be required:

  • LLC registration - 12,000 rubles.,
  • purchase of equipment and machines for cleaning - 200,000 rubles.,
  • purchase of cleaning and detergents - 10,000 rubles.,
  • overalls - 10,000 rubles.,
  • purchase of furniture for office and warehouse - 50,000 rubles.,
  • purchase of computers and other equipment - 60,000 rubles.,
  • training of three cleaners - 12,000 rubles.,
  • advertising and promotion of services - 20,000 rubles.

Thus, you can start a business if you have 374-500 thousand rubles. It is necessary to prepare working capital for the first three months of work in the amount of 200-300 thousand rubles. Monthly expenses will include rent, employee salaries, purchase of cleaning products, transportation and other expenses. When working with small objects, costs are reduced.

Entrepreneur experience!

Georgy Sahakyan from Anapa worked at a construction site, worked part-time as a cleaner and in 2009 registered an IP. Even at the stage of employment, I realized that it was worth developing a cleaning business in Anapa. He chose carpet cleaning and window cleaning as a priority for his company.

George began with investments of 250 thousand rubles, which paid off after 6 months. He started to work on his own at a construction site; he did not consider credit as an option. The first customers were owners of guest houses. Then, boarding houses appeared on the list of customers. Seasonality affects the number of orders, but overall stable earnings are present year-round. The cost of services at a large facility reaches 20-25 thousand rubles.

To attract customers, George uses classic methods: ads, business cards, advertising on sites such as Avito. I got new equipment for wet cleaning. The entrepreneur plans to switch from private clients to large corporate customers.


The average payback of the cleaning business is 6-8 months in a large city, 1-1.5 years in the region. To reduce the payback period, it is necessary to conclude agreements with several regular customers. To increase the turnover of the company allows expanding the range of services, improving the quality of work and professionalism of employees.

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Three attempts

I graduated as a teacher of German. But not a day worked in her specialty. The very idea of ​​"work from now to now" at school or in courses was very annoying. I wanted to do my own thing.

I brought the idea of ​​business from Germany. At one time, she worked there as a governess, lived in a family that had its own cleaning company. Parents stood at the source, the children worked there, and the reins of government were gradually transferred to them. It interested me and a dream appeared - to build such a company, a family business. I did not sleep at night, pondering the details. And there was a feeling that my business would bring freedom - I can do as I want.

In 2005, I opened an IP and began to provide cleaning services in various formats: after construction, as well as general cleaning. She cleaned and tried to simultaneously develop the business.

A little later my brother joined me. With his money (about $ 3,000), equipment was bought and another direction was opened - dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture, cars. At first they worked only with individuals. Later I opened a bank account and legal entities began to appear.

It felt like this: she grabbed onto any client, any cleaning ... In the end, she simply ran out of steam and the first “pit” arose - business and emotional.

Now I realize that this was due to inexperience and lack of support. There was no understanding of what is “their own business”, principles and methods of work. I thought that everything would be easier. I came across many things for the first time and there was no one nearby who could advise something. As a result, my brother decided to leave this business - I had to sell equipment in order to return his investment.

Photo from the site

She returned to work as a head of a beauty salon. I got a huge experience in managerial work there. But I could not hold out there for a long time: I was drawn again to my own business. And I returned to my project.

I decided that the first time I just worked lightly. For example, every self-respecting company should have an office - and I rented a room. My brother’s wife has now entered into business with me. We tried to build work on a more serious level: at least switch to servicing only legal entities.

Then we got the first employee - a sales specialist.

When hiring employees, I secretly hoped that they knew everything and would do everything themselves: they would find me customers, the company would flourish. I was wrong.

Again, nothing happened: the business did not develop, only debts appeared and my second “pit” came. My brother’s wife left the business, and I also left the project. She abandoned the office and went on hiring again.

This time I got a position as the manager of a large cleaning company. In submission - about 150 people. And here I was able to learn from within all the nuances of the cleaning business. I believe that for people who want to start their own business, this is a great option - to work in an area that you like.

At the same time, the idea and the dream to engage in my project still did not leave me. And after working for about 7 months, I left - to try again to work for myself and still realize what I had planned.

From the "star" to the "emerald"

This time I decided that I needed a business coach and went to training. Got new knowledge - and in 2013 opened LLC “CleaningStar”. She rented an office again. And again I found partners. We now have call center employees, sellers and the first serious customers for annual service.

Photo: Diana Kalenik

The name "CleaningStar" was chosen quickly enough. I liked that its component was the word "star".

But soon, business partners had to leave. One went out of business, the second after some decided to open its own cleaning company. It was a very strong disappointment for me, I was depressed for about a year. But the business continued to operate.

I made my conclusions and finally decided that I would work alone, without partners.

Another training helped me to get my thoughts together and tune in a positive way, where I got into a very suitable communication environment - businessmen, entrepreneurs.

Then I realized that the name "CleaningStar" I still do not like. I wanted to come up with such a way that it could be scaled to related types of business. Now we are engaged in the registration of the Emerald City trademark. In the future, I want to create a group of companies and combine everything related to cleaning: car wash, dry cleaning, cleaning for individuals and companies.

We are gradually introducing business automation, the basic business processes have already been spelled out.

Work with the fairies

Our mission is to create a high-level service company. Therefore, I pay great attention to the development of each employee in their place. I like to train, I adhere to the strategy of nurturing personnel within the company.

I call my cleaners “fairies”. Now I have 16 of them - they are engaged on an ongoing basis with the companies we serve year-round. We do outsourcing for them.

We also have a “mobile team”, 5 people - she travels on one-time jobs, for individuals and legal entities. And there are outsourced contractors ready to go out for cleaning if we don’t have time to do this on our own.

Now I am recruiting a department that will communicate with customers, answer questions, and accept applications. While I am sharing this work, I and several other employees.

Photo from the personal archive of Tatyana Romanchuk

What difficulties may arise with staff? There were different situations. For example, during the cleaning, the cleaner complains to the employees of the office where he works about working conditions, salary or personal problems. And then the client calls me and wonders if we offend the client ?!

Now we are conducting a clear briefing with all employees: during the cleaning, they can say hello and say goodbye to the client, we do not encourage other conversations.

There are more complicated situations. Somehow, for example, they did cleaning after construction work, expensive tiles were laid on the client’s floor. Kliner used the wrong remedy, acid — the tile was damaged. It cost us about 2500 euros.

And there was such a case. During the next crisis, a man committed suicide. Nobody wanted to clean in this apartment: everything was smeared with blood all around. They called us. Of all the employees, only one agreed, with strong nerves. She said: "Well, what, I’ll go and take it away." Of course, we paid her a double fee for such work.

Customers buy cleanliness and time.

We mainly serve legal entities in Minsk (there is one in Brest). We do daily and general cleaning, washing windows, shop windows and glazed buildings. In total, we currently have about 20 permanent companies in service. These are banks, insurance companies, offices, fashion salons.

Photo from

The main promotion so far is through a personal brand. After each training or course that I regularly attend, new companies come to me to serve, the leaders of which we met during the training.

They come both through word of mouth and through company information on bulletin boards. We recently tried working with opinion leaders - this channel also works well, they began to recognize and contact us.

I believe that people buy cleanliness and time from us. Our services are needed when you want to relieve your own economic department, when you do not want to spend energy on everything related to cleaning. Hire individual employees, control them, purchase inventory, etc.

This is win-win: the client has clean and more time to develop his business, and I have the client, serving whom I receive money.

Gradually, we enter the market for working with individuals. This is an interesting and at the same time laborious direction.

Opening up is simple and inexpensive, harder to stay in the market

The third time I opened an LLC with virtually no investment. A friend recommended the first client to me - he said that his friend was looking for a company to serve the territory. And I was just thinking of starting to work in the legal entities segment. We agreed, signed an agreement on work for a year, we made an advance payment. With these funds, I hired an employee, bought cleaning equipment.

The cleaning cost for the company with us is about $ 450 per month. This is the average figure: we remove it from someone several times a week, from someone every day. It depends on the footage, and on the number of rooms.

Profitability is the same as the average in the service sector - 15−20%. The maximum income is up to $ 5000 per month. About 40% of expenses are spent on salary payments, deductions to social funds, sick leave and vacation pay. 20 percent - for inventory, supplies. About 5-10% - on advertising and promotion.

Photo from the personal archive of Tatyana Romanchuk

Competition. There are competitors in the market, and they are not asleep. Но, я считаю, что у меня свой путь: я четко вижу, во что моя компания превратится через 10 лет. Поэтому я отмечаю, что делается в этой сфере, и реализую то, что задумала.

Некоторые считают, что клининг — это легкий хлеб. Думают: «Ну что такое швабра, ну что такое тряпка? Вымою пару квартир, раз — и все!»

Поэтому на рынке так много непрофессионалов. Столкнувшись пару раз с такими ситуациями, клиенты могут начать не доверять клинерам в целом.

Перспективы и планы. In the near future, we plan to expand the geography of our services throughout the country. We will finalize the site - and we will actively advance on the Internet. We will make the “packaging" of the brand, create a corporate identity, uniform for the staff.

In addition, we plan to systematize all business processes and sell the cleaning service franchise. We are already negotiating with foreign businessmen.

What conclusions have I made after three attempts to open a business

1. To open a company, the easiest and easiest way is to find a person who has already opened a similar business and is ready to share his knowledge. It is important for an entrepreneur to learn how to make contact with such people.

2. It is better to start with knowledge, but without money, than vice versa - with money, but without knowledge. With knowledge, you can always figure out how to attract investment.

3. You need to constantly self-educate and gain new knowledge. Even with a limited budget - there are enough free trainings, master classes, webinars. Learn yourself and teach your team.

4. Decide whether you want to be a specialist in your profession and work alone (in fact, be a craftsman), or be prepared for the company to grow, and you will have to do more in managing people, numbers and strategy.