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How to send GIFs in Vatsap: from iPhone, Android or computer


To send GIF pictures to Android, you have to dig a little deeper, the method of sending is not entirely obvious. The function is hidden behind a small button in the submenu, so first you need to click on the emoticon icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
Here you will see a yellow emoji that can be sent to WhatsApp, but in the center of the bottom of the screen there is a small button with the inscription GIF.

Click on it and you will see a set of GIF images extracted directly from Tenor GIFs.

The most popular GIFs will be displayed at the top, and then you can scroll down to see more pictures. If you want something specific, click the search icon in the lower left corner and enter a search parameter.

After entering the query, you can scroll right to see all the images that match the search conditions.

Then just touch the GIF you like to view it full screen. Here you can add a message if necessary, and click the arrow to send.

How to send GIFs to WhatsApp on iPhone

Finding GIFs on WhatsApp on iOS isn't easy. You must click the plus sign in the lower left corner of the screen, and then select the “Photo / Video” menu item.

A magnifying glass icon with the word GIF is displayed in the lower left corner. Click it, and you can find in the search all the GIF files that you want to send.

Then just tap the GIF you want to send and it will appear in the chat.

There is also a favorite GIF feature that allows you to save your favorite GIFs or the ones you use regularly so you don't have to search for them every time you need them.

What if you have a different keyboard?

Some virtual keyboards offer an alternative way to send GIFs along with the method shown above.

For example, when using SwiftKey, you can add GIFs on the keyboard by pressing the Enter button in the lower right corner.

How to send a Whatsapp GIF on iPhone

  1. We update whatsapp version through appstore to the latest version.
  2. We open the application on the iPhone and chat with the person to whom we want to send the gif image.
  3. In the lower right corner, select the paperclip icon - “Attach file” or the photo icon.
  4. In the menu that opens, among the “photo” and “video” items, a new one will appear - “gif” (if the file is in another folder, for example, in downloads, look for it there).
  5. Select the file we need, edit it if necessary (crop the size or add a smiley.
  6. Click the "send" button. Done! A message with a gif was sent to a friend.

If the message does not send, check your version, try updating the version again or restarting the phone.

How to send gif to Whatsapp from a computer

Many people are interested in how to send a gif to Vatsap using a computer? To send a gif from a computer, you need to download the desired file through the browser, open the Whatsapp program, select the desired recipient and click on the plus next to the message input field.

Then select the path to the folder where the file we need is stored. We select it and drop it into the dialogue.

For live photos

To send Live - photos can owners of iPhone 6 and above series. To do this, you need to download and install a new version of the application, or update an existing version to the latest version. We open the application, then a dialogue with the user to whom we want to send a message. Click on the plus sign, in the window that appears, select the item "Photo / Video". Since these phone models support 3D-touch technology, with its help, when you slightly click on the file we need, it will stand out with a round mark. You can edit the selected photo by adding emoticons to it or by drawing something by hand. Done! We send a photo to the addressee.

How to send GIF to whatsapp on Android and iPhone

As conceived by the developers, a person first records a short video for up to 6 seconds, and then translates it into a gif animation so that you can share it with your interlocutor (Read how to add a friend to whatsapp to replenish your friendlist and always stay in touch with your closest ones) . Let's consider in more detail.

Note that it is impossible to send the gif through the watsap that you previously saved in the phone’s library. If you try to do this, then at best a simple photo will come to your companion. That is, it is not known whether such a gif will work in whatsapp.

What to do to send a gif in Vatsap on Android and iPhone?

    1. Update the application version to the latest, run it on your gadget
    2. Go to the chat with a friend to whom you want to send a message and in particular pass a gif on whatsapp
    3. Near the text input line, click on the plus sign / paper clip and select “photo” or “video”, gallery

4. At the bottom left there is a new subsection with the GIF icon - open and see the built-in GIF search. You can select any GIFs for Vatsap that you can edit (crop, add a smiley, etc.)

5. Then we press the "send" button and that’s it.

Also pay attention to the material on how to throw music on iPhone through Vatsap to share with the subscriber.

Can I send gifs to Watsap

If pre-converting them from a short video. Then yes, it is possible.

We offer the following algorithm:

    1. The version of the program must be updated to the latest. We launch it.
    2. We open the conversation window where we want to send a short gif-picture (do not forget about six seconds).

4. You will see images from the gallery, but in the upper right corner there is a switch to Gif.

5. Choose a video, wait

The conversion will be completed and the file will reach the recipient.

For Live Photo

To send Live Photo, follow these steps (available for lucky owners of iPhones 6 and newer, where there is a built-in 3D Touch display):

    1. On the device you need to download the latest version of the application
    2. We start the chat with the recipient to throw live-photo on him, click on Plus

3. In the pop-up menu, select the item "Photo / Video"

4. You will see the files from your photo gallery from the phone, select what you need and with the help of 3D Touch technology we lightly click on it. Such photos will be marked with a round symbol.

5. Optionally, you can make adjustments (that is, edit) and or just send.

6. If we want, we draw

For a change and fun you can download GIFs for Vatsap from a reliable source or with us for free.

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