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How to fold tarot cards


If you watched the movie “The Secret” or read the bestseller of Ronda Burn “The Secret”, then you will immediately understand what is at stake. A magnet is inside each of us. He works in an incomprehensible way, attracting exactly those events that take place in our life. Faith does not play any role. Whether you believe it or not, you will still be a magnet attracting everything that happens to you. The law is merciless, especially the law of attraction. In Hinduism and other Eastern teachings, it is called karma. European tradition associates this with the work of the subconscious or unconscious mind. Whatever it was, but the fact remains: we are the source of everything that comes to us from the outside.

Magnet inside us

When laying out the cards, you need to know: you are not a chosen person who knows how to look into the future. Not! Tarot symbols are archetypes that are read by our subconscious. And we completely naturally attract this or that card, which reflects the essence of what is happening.

For example, in this three-card layout, a typical situation is reflected when the questioning girl was deceived by the fact that she formed the illusion of the material well-being of the young man. Not finding out the issues that worried her, she entered into a serious relationship with him. But the true state of things was revealed, false expectations collapsed and led to a break. Under a plausible pretext, she stopped meeting with him. But what prompted her to make a deal? This is what the third card tells us: gradually and imperceptibly, sincere sympathy formed in it, feelings defeated and changed the attitude towards it, which at first was exclusively mercantile.

Our task in mastering the following is:

  1. Learning to get in touch with the subconsciousso that the drawn card matches the thematic request.
  2. Learn to read them, that is, interact with this information not only subconsciously, but also consciously.

In order to solve this problem effectively, we should:

  1. Respectfully and with deep gratitude to these cards..
  2. At the time of the alignment, fully tune in to the problemwhich we want to consider.
  3. Shuffle the cards until we feel a specific light trance.
  4. Never pull out a card in a bad mood or poor physical health.
  5. In no case should a skeptic pull out a cardto prove their effectiveness.
  6. If the client (girlfriend) is in a dejected state, you should first reassure her.

I will not hide that I myself am quietly working with the so-called “heavy cards”, but I have enough experience and personal strength for this. And you?

The benefits of rituals

If you, passing a deck of cards lying on a table, pause and spontaneously remove one card, it will be addressed to you. But what aspect of your life it reflects will not be clear. This form of work takes place under certain conditions, when it is included in the general system of work in advance and is carried out generally consciously. If this is mere mischief or disrespect for the system, there is a danger that you will lose contact with the deck and you will have to restore it for a long time.

To figuratively imagine the need for a correct attitude to such work, remember the movie "Avatar".

There can be many such rituals. We will talk about them separately. But what you need to understand and begin to apply now is special rules for contact with cards. They should always be the same. In this case, subconsciously, each time you will more and more quickly tune in to mental contact with the situation and attract your intuition and creative intellect to reading.

How to shuffle and lay out cards: step by step instructions

The habit of shuffling cards always in a certain way is also a ritual, and one of the most important. Indeed, at this time, mental preparations are under way for a dialogue with their meanings in the context of a specific situation. Every detail here requires meaning. If you don’t have your own conscious way of shuffling and choosing cards, I suggest paying attention to my experience. I, too, at one time adopted it from one more experienced master.

In this case, it is especially important that shuffling goes “forward with pictures”, this creates a certain mental and energetic mood in space. The mystery of values ​​that are about to fall out takes effect.

You need to shuffle, thinking about the situation with which you are working. The procedure continues until the desired mood appears. Feeling it, shift the deck to your right hand, and intuitively find the desired card with your left.

At first, I recommend asking a question out loud, only then find a map. Regardless of how many cards are in the layout, we do not look at the value when they are drawn. That is, we continue to drive the card face down until it lies on the surface.

If we are guessing at one lasso, then we can turn it over right after it lay down on the surface with the picture down and proceed with interpretation in the context of the question asked.

We interpret each symbol separately in accordance with the place in the layout that he took. Then in the context with previously opened values. When the last card has opened, we read the full layout.

Do you need special protection if you are wondering about others?

In addition to rituals, fortunetellers form many myths. They are actively developed by the church and society, acting as the new Inquisition. My opinion is this: you are afraid - do not take cards in your hands. In this case, no talismans and charms will help you.

But from the point of view of psychology, this question is quite important. After all, making a alignment, you open towards the person. If this is a stranger, then you do not know how she will behave. It is likely that she has already built up expectations and is ready to receive only the information that will satisfy her selfishness or ambition. Otherwise, it will pour all its dirt on you, after which you will come to your senses for a long time. I will not hide - there are not so few such people, and they often go to fortune-tellers precisely for this.

For this case, I can recommend several effective methods:

  1. Do not deal with others at the initial stage until the contact with the cards becomes strongthat you feel from a sense of confidence.
  2. Always warn the client that the cards are dealt only for her and regarding her situation, the dropped values ​​do not depend on you at all.
  3. If you are dealing with a stranger, first draw out one card with a question: Should I have a session?
  4. In case of scandal, do not engage in controversy and under no circumstances take money. If the client simply left them on the table, give them to the poor.

In this case, you need to decide for yourself in advance what the number “yes” will mean. For example, if you use only the major lassos, then a failure can follow when drawing out any so-called difficult card, the values ​​of which we will master a little later. Or accustom yourself to the fact that “yes” is an even number of cards, “no” is an odd number.

Won't you make a fortune by guessing for yourself?

Alignment for yourself is completely safe. Moreover, they are therapeutic. If, instead of being upset about a difficult situation or scandal and spreading gossip about the offender, you try to turn to Tarot - this will be the most effective solution. Even when you cannot figure out anything due to a lack of experience, know that the process is going on.

It is no secret that many women turn to occultists and professional fortunetellers for services. Here I would like to protect you from this for the following reasons:

  1. Such trips are not predictable in their results..
  2. In this case, you completely lose control over the situation..
  3. You can easily be made a “cash cow” or cause moral damage and drive into deep depression.

It is best to resolve your issues yourself - albeit slowly, but without too much risk.

Key principles for correctly placing tarot cards

Before you lay out the tarot cards on the relationship, you need to clearly determine the choice of the method of divination. To find a suitable layout for love will help specialized sites dedicated to the Tarot. Before beginning divination on a loved one, it is also necessary to properly prepare the workplace. It is best to carry out the alignment in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The table used for fortune telling is preferably covered with a dense dark cloth (or social tablecloth).

Speaking about how to correctly lay out Tarot cards in fortune-telling, it should be noted that the correct attitude to work is of key importance in the process of prediction. The person who performs the alignment on the Tarot deck must be in a calm, peaceful state. He needs to fully focus on the situation in question. The question that the cards must answer can be asked mentally or written down on a piece of paper. The main thing is to concentrate on it throughout the process of fortune telling. Having formulated the question, you can begin to shuffle the Tarot cards for the relationship. One important nuance must be taken into account here. If a fortuneteller wants to take into account both direct and inverted positions of the Arcana, he needs to shuffle the deck. In this case, you need to mix the cards on the table clockwise. If the inverted positions of the Arcana are not taken into account, the deck just needs to be shuffled, after the forehead - put it in a fan and select the required number of cards. Pull them out with your left hand. It is important to lay out the tarot cards as required by the scheme of the layout chosen for fortune telling on the development of love relationships.

Simple Tarot Layouts for Beginners

Beginners need to start fortune-telling with the simplest layouts of Tarot cards. Thus, they will be able to gain the necessary experience and hone their skills. There are no special Tarot cards for beginners. However, some divination methods have a very simple scheme, and therefore, can be used even by those who do not have experience with cards.