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Vanilla is especially beneficial for women - vanilla aroma evokes a feeling of happiness


Vanilla - spice, made from unripe fruits of vanilla flat-leaved. Vanilla blooms only one day, so spice is of great value. In ancient times, vanilla pods were used as money. Due to the high cost of vanilla, it is often replaced with vanilla. Vanilla includes: vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and PP, as well as elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, iron, sodium.

Vanilla pods are stored in hermetically sealed containers made of glass or plastic. Thanks to this package, vanilla can be stored for several years without losing its properties.

Legume vanilla production

The vanilla fruits are picked in green, then scalded with boiling water for several seconds and wrapped for 7 days in dense woolen fabrics to dry. During drying, the pods change color to brown. Then the vanilla is dried in the fresh air, the pods are bent, wrinkled and a white coating forms on them.

Cooking use

As a rule, vanilla pods are used in the preparation of various desserts, creams, vanilla ice cream. The vanilla bean is cut lengthwise, the seeds are scrubbed and, together with the shell, boiled in milk or cream. Vanilla has a bright, sweet aroma, it tastes bitter, so it is used in small quantities in dishes.

Energy value per 100 gr.

  • Calories 287
  • Protein 1.2 gr.
  • Fat 0.1 gr.
  • Carbohydrates 12.5 gr.

How to use vanilla pods, this is a moody spice, like a beautiful woman

The article is devoted to how to properly use vanilla pods and fully experience the divine aroma of tropical spices. The smell of vanilla helps to relax and calm down. But the sweet aroma is misleading. In fact, the seeds have a bitter taste.

For this reason, spice is used in small quantities. For one portion 200 gr. only one-twentieth of the length of the pod is used. For 1 kg of product no more than a quarter will be required. If you do not follow the recipe, then the dish will turn out bitter.

How to use vanilla pods

  • Make extract
  • Make vanilla sugar yourself
  • Add to sauce or dessert
  • Make gourmet romantic ice cream
  • Add flavor to pudding, soufflé, compote, mousse, jam
  • Add to baking, cookies, biscuits, cream, dough
  • Drink cocoa with vanilla
  • Flavored milk

Cut the vanilla pod correctly

Vanilla bean is filled with small black seeds. Ripe seeds are odorless. For this reason, vanilla is harvested when the pods are immature and subjected to special processing. Ready to use, they have a brown, almost black color.

The natural pod is cut along with a sharp knife and the seeds are scraped. Small pods are not allowed to be scraped. To add to the dough or desserts, vanilla is mixed with powdered sugar. To do this, a small amount of seeds is ground into powder in a mortar with powdered sugar. For a portion of 200 gr. approximately 0.5-1 cm will be required from the entire length of the bean

  1. Cut the pod in half lengthwise.
  2. Use a knife to scrape off the greasy seeds that you will use for the recipe.
  3. Save the remaining seeds in the container for future use.
  4. Do not throw seedless pods.
  5. Dry them and use them for flavoring, or for the preparation of vanilla sugar.
  6. To do this, grind in a blender with sugar, finely grind.
  7. Use such sugar in any recipe, add to tea, coffee, cocoa.
  8. You can not scrape the seeds, but cut the pod and peel into pieces and add to the dish.

How to add vanilla sugar to your finished dish or dough

A rich harvest of vanilla on the island of Madagascar.

Pounded with sugar seeds are introduced into the finished dish as follows:

  • Add to the dough at the very last moment before heat treatment.
  • In cold dishes immediately after cooking at the end of the process. Sauces, mousses, puddings.
  • In stewed fruit, jam at the last stage of cooking, when the dish is almost ready.

When the spice is introduced into prepared, but not yet completely cooled dishes, the aroma is fully revealed. Vanilla is combined with chocolate and other spices. Try adding vanilla sugar to a cup of cocoa, not just sugar. Cocoa with vanilla is a favorite drink of the American Indians, even before the conquest of America.

How to make vanilla sugar at home

Grind part of the pod in a mortar with sugar until the pod is completely pounded. Follow the proportions: 1 pod is consumed per 0.5 kg of sugar or powdered sugar. The resulting vanilla sugar is used for culinary purposes and added to dishes.

Natural vanilla in the pods can not be ground, but put whole beans in a container with sugar for flavoring. For this, the vanilla bean is split lengthwise into two parts, placed in a jar, covered with sugar, and tightly clogged. After 2-3 weeks, the sugar is ready for use. Flavored sugar improves the taste of drinks, pastries, salad dressings, added to sauces.

Not all vanilla beans are the same

Vanilla is an expensive spice. At a price it is second only to saffron. Therefore, use all parts of the fruit: both pods and seeds. Beans should be greasy, soft, exude a strong aroma. Fruits without gloss, dry and fragile, do not even consider it as an option, albeit cheap.

The following varieties of the famous spice are on sale

  1. Mexican vanilla. This is an original and valuable spice. Mexico is home to a vanilla orchid. The pods are soft, smooth, have a spicy, woody aroma.
  2. Bourbon or Madagascar vanilla. Long, thin pods with a rich taste and aroma have a thick oily peel. Bourbon vanilla is characterized by an abundance of seeds and a high content of vanillin, respectively persistent and strong aroma. This is the most expensive type of vanilla pods.
  3. Tahitian vanilla has a high oil and water content, but less natural vanilla. Beans are shorter and drier. They have few seeds. It is used in perfumery, less often in cooking. The aroma resembles a mixture of licorice, cherries and prunes. There are other species, but they are not so popular.

Ready-made beans of good quality are elastic, oily to the touch. Interestingly, freshly picked fruits do not have a characteristic odor. The aroma appears after the steam treatment process. The content of natural vanillin in beans is approximately 3%. It is vanillin that gives the spice an exciting smell.

The aroma is distinguished by its extraordinary durability. Even after 2 years with proper storage, the pods will not lose their magical aroma and will be suitable for use. Read about vanilla varieties and the history of wonderful spices in the article What is Vanilla >>

Gourmet Pure Vanilla Extract

High-quality vanilla extract contains more than 20% extract from beans, without sugar, gluten and other additives. Composed of only alcohol and vanilla. Natural extract is not difficult to prepare at home. To do this, vanilla pods are split along in half. Put in a narrow small bottle and pour vodka so that it completely covers the pods.

The bottle is tightly closed and a dark, cool place is placed for 3 weeks. Observe the proportion: 5 to 10 beans are taken per 0.5 liter of alcohol. Store in a cool dark place and shake several times a week. After a month, the extract will be ready. Before use, the extract is filtered, since a precipitate forms during the preparation.

Vanilla milk - a delicious treat for children and adults

Take 1 cup of milk, add 1 tsp. sugar, 3 ml. natural extract and mix in a blender. A wonderful drink is ready. Be careful with vanilla, a small amount is required for flavoring, otherwise the taste will be bitter. Vanilla extract contains alcohol, so it can be replaced with vanilla sugar.

The second way: vanilla pods are boiled in milk with added sugar. About 1 cm of the pod is consumed per glass of milk. Put milk and sugar in a small pan. Heat until sugar is dissolved. Add vanilla and mix. Cool and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

The most effective way to fully reveal the aroma of a vanilla pod is to add it to a warm dish or drink at the end of cooking.

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