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How to make a text in two columns in Word as in books?


Word text editor allows you to format text in a variety of ways. The latest versions of this program are so overgrown with various functions that now there is practically nothing that this text editor can not do. In this article we will talk about how to make text in two columns in Word.

The correct way to make text in two columns in Word

In order to make the text in two columns in Word, you need to go to the “Page Layout” tab and click on the “Columns” button. After that, a drop-down menu will appear in which you can choose the number of columns that you want to place on this page.

The following options are available in this drop-down menu:

  • one - one column, normal page format in Word,
  • two - two identical columns, a page with two columns,
  • three to three identical columns, a page with three columns,
  • left - a narrow additional column on the left side of the page,
  • on the right is a narrow additional column on the right side of the page,

In addition, the drop-down menu has the item “Other columns”. This item opens an additional window in which you can adjust the width of the columns and the gap between them.

Also, the size of the columns can be set using the ruler, which is located above the page.

Wrong way to make two-column text in Word

The second way to create columns in Word can be considered incorrect, but it is often more convenient. For this method, tables with invisible frames are used. Go to the "Insert" tab and use the "Table" button to create a table with two columns.

After the table is created, place the cursor in the inside of the table and go to the tab "Working with tables - Constructor". Here you need to change the type of line used to draw the borders of the table. To do this, open the drop-down menu and select “Without Border”.

Then with the help of the pen “Draw a table” you need to touch all the lines of the table. The result should be a table drawn with a blue dashed line.

Such a line is visible while editing a document, but is not displayed when it is printed.

Where to push?

To separate only part of the text, you must first select it. If you wrote in full, and then decided to switch to columns, or are going to create a new document with them, you should leave the cursor in the place where they should start.

What to do next? Here is the simplest instruction:

  • In the top menu of Word, we switch to the “Page Layout” tab.
  • In the field with the parameters, click the “Columns” option.

  • A list will appear in which you can either immediately select the required quantity, or click on the “Other Columns” option for more fine-tuning.

More about settings

In order to configure everything in more detail, click on “Other columns”.

A small window will open where everything is clear in principle:

  • In the upper "Type" field, select the format and number of columns, or you can specify your number below.
  • Next is the “Width and Span” area, where you can customize the appearance of each column individually.
  • A sample is displayed on the right: what the text will look like with your settings.
  • In the lowest “Apply” field, you determine which part of the document will be divided into columns.

To make your text look beautiful in the end, I’ll finally talk about a few points:

  • In the process of dialing, he will switch to another column only after the first one is completely filled. Need to write it not until the end? In this case, on the same tab and area as in the first instruction, click the Breaks function and select the Column option.

  • Text messed up in two columns or more? If there are gaps between words, you can adjust the font size (by tenths) or the size of the indentation by slightly dragging the sliders on the ruler from above (pops up when you hover over).

  • To delimit the columns with a vertical line, Word offers us the “Separator” item in the settings window, which should be checked.

  • The title is on a par with the columns? It is necessary to take him upstairs. This is done simply: select only it and in the settings set the number of columns "One".
  • By the way, the same thing needs to be done with all the text if you want to return to the original spelling on the whole page.

  • Did the columns in the middle of the text and they didn’t stand at the same level? Suppose the second is a little higher. So, you need to put a cursor in front of it and press Enter. In general, you can adjust each column individually as you wish.

Come to me again to just as easily and quickly deal with other computer related issues.

Simple instruction!

So let's get started!

Step number 1 Select the desired text:

Step number 2 In the upper menu, go to the tab - Layout (in older versions of Word, this tab can be called, as - page structure):

Step number 3 Next, select the tab - Columns and in the drop-down block select - Two:

Step number 4 After that, you should get something like this:

That's what ../ caption got as a result, that is, all the text is located in the left column, but this does not suit us, so let's fix it!

Step number 5 We place the cursor (poke with the mouse) in front of the second paragraph (before the piece of text that we want to place in the right column) and begin to lower it by pressing Enter.

When this paragraph reaches the bottom of the page, it will be moved up to the second column, and it will look like this:

Excellent :) This is what you need! As you can see, everything is done very simply! If you can’t do it, or any other question has arisen on this topic, you can ask a question in the comments under this article and I will try to help you!

And that’s all for me, I wish you good luck, bye!

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