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Widgets, also known as gadgets, are small tools or applications that can be added to a website or blog to improve its content or features, or to receive content and services from third-party websites. Widgets come in several forms, such as scrolling tickers, photographs, games, or interactive social media apps that let you chat. Some widgets on Blogger serve to enhance your blog, for example, listing your blog’s subscribers, or allowing readers to subscribe to blog content. Here are the steps to add a widget to Blogger.

How to move widgets (gadgets) by template in Blogger

Widgets and gadgets (which is the same) in Blogger (Blogspot) are those parts of the template that extend the functionality of the blog. They can even be called modules, and Blogger is to some extent a modular system.
Each widget (gadget) is a container with data that is stored on the side of the engine and outside the blog template. In fact, we, ordinary users do not have direct access to them, but we can change their contents and edit from the admin panel.

Further, I will call Blogger gadgets only widgets, I’m more familiar with that.

Blogger widget gadgets

Standard blogger templates (and third-party enthusiasts developing or porting with Wordpress) almost always have this or similar markup:

Blogger Template Markup

  • Red area header, the site header contains the required header widget and any other widgets that can be installed after it
  • Yellow area, right sidebarmay contain any widgets
  • Green area footer, basement, may contain any widgets, including Attribution

There is one more widget that is ownerlessly above all - it’s a terrible and annoying Navbar, a blogger’s socket, it’s better to remove it immediately after creating a blog.

The middle of the blogger markup in the template is message area - The most informative part of your blog.

Of course, widgets can be arranged differently. The screenshot shows a two-column model of the layout of the template. And in "Template designer"you can customize your blog layout to your liking:

Blogger Template Designer

Technical highlights ↓
Each widget in the template is briefly identified like this (using the example html / javascript widget):
Where is the widget identifier, and the number 6 means that this is the sixth html / javascript widget on the blog account.
The locked = 'false' option indicates that the widget is not fixed and can be moved by the layout, wherever it wants.

And in the expanded, full form (if you put a daw "Extend widget templates") the widget has this structure (for example, the same html / javascript widget):

With any such widget, we, ordinary users, are allowed to:

  • change widget title tag - h
  • remove quick edit link -
  • create a special rule for displaying a widget on clearly defined pages
  • move within the layout
  • remove

With the removal of the widget, I think it’s clear. The movement is also clear. Blogger admin allows visual drag'n drop, i.e. dragging widgets from one part to another, but not in all cases. For example, the blog title widget, header, is fixed tightly and you cannot just put a single widget before it.

Yesterday I received interesting letter from Yuri:

This is a good question. First, a quick idea came up to make a hat by analogy with a randomly changing subtitle of the blog header (description).

Then I thought it would be easier to send the html / javascript widget to the very top, i.e. in place of the widget header (blog title).

To do this, I created a new html / javascript widget, defined in the template by keyword in the search for the browser "HTML" which of these widgets is the last.
Next, in the template editor, unchecked “Extend widget templates”, and cut and pasted the widget right in front of the blog title widget.
Blogger developers specifically came up with such a shortened look of the editor so as not to drag huge tails of code, but to operate with only short lines.

The title widget, by the way, at first allows for its deletion (you only need to change locked = 'true' to locked = 'false' in the widget code to unlock the widget):

Removing a widget on Blogger

But then it still returns to the template. If this happens, and it’s very much to remove, then the only solution is to change the element

After we “dragged” the html / javascript widget to the top, the visual layout of the template has changed:

Simple social widget subscribe to blog updates

Simple social subscription widget

To install a simple social box on the sidebar of a Blogger blog, go to the Blogger toolbar - Design - Add an HTML / JavaScript gadget. We give any name to the widget and insert the code in its field:

In the code you need to replace my data with yours: zagulyaevsv, 111471932706805203111, blogspot / jizET. Widget - Bloggertrix

Stylish social widget with a block for subscribing to blog updates

Stylish social widget

Such social block "Subscribe" It is also installed using the HTML / JavaScript gadget. In the gadget field, paste the following style code:

And add another code to the style:

Here, too, we change my data to our own, everything you find: a blog page on Google plus: 111471932706805203111, Twitter and a page on Facebook: zagulyaevsv, subscription via RSS and mail: shkolablogger / Kyok. Naturally, you can replace all the inscriptions with the ones you need. Look like that's it. Good luck. Until we meet again.

What are gadgets

Gadget - This is a small device that facilitates the daily life of a person. Gadgets are used everywhere and in various fields. Everything that surrounds us: a music player, an electronic book, a digital camera, a smartphone, a communicator, game consoles, electronic patches, sports devices and much more are gadgets.

The most common gadgets are USB gadgets. These are small devices that connect via the USB port: a mug with a heater, an ashtray, a mini fridge, a keyboard vacuum cleaner, a heated mouse pad, winter electric slippers, heated foot mats, heated gloves for working with a computer, a fan, a mouse on the finger, a backlight for the keyboard and many more cool little necessary and unnecessary trinkets. For example, a USB mini fridge thing you need :)

Photo Usb Gadget Refrigerator

Windows developers called their web applications the gadget. A Yandex search engine calls similar applications widgets. See for yourself examples:

What are widgets

If everything is clear with gadgets, then widgets are a loose concept. Blogs and websites use web widgets.

Web widget - This is an application, or rather code. These can be codes: JavaScript, Adobe Flash, HTML + CSS, which can be inserted into the html page.

Here, in essence, the differences between these terms are large, but these codes are called gadgets and some widgets.

How to install a gadget (widget) in Blogger (Blogspot)

By default, standard gadgets are built into the blogger:

Labels, Pages, Blog Search, Featured Posts, Contact Form, Followers. Listed the most basic.

How to add a standard gadget to your blog::

Design> Add Gadget. From the list, select the desired one, rename it if necessary and click Save.

To install the "Contact Form", "Regular Readers" gadgets, select "Other Gadgets" in the left menu.

All other codes and web applications are inserted into the blogger through the HTML / JavaScript gadget. Design> Add Gadget. From the list, select HTML / JavaScript, paste the code into the window and save.
To install the gadget in the right place, grab it with the left mouse button and move (drag), click on the top of the menu to the right of the blog name "Save Location".