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How to not gain weight while working at home


Many people begin to gain weight only when they get a job. Prolonged sitting in the workplace in itself is harmful to our health, especially in combination with junk food. All this leads to the appearance of excess weight and poor health. As a rule, at the workplace, employees have snacks, eat unhealthy dinners, which becomes the main cause of obesity.

Usually, employees order lunch at various fast food restaurants. Fast food is often unhealthy, fatty and high-calorie. Fast food, of course, will satisfy your hunger, but for your body it will not bring benefits, but rather the opposite. Many people realize that fast food is the wrong choice, but it is still preferred by most people who work in the office.

Before coming home during the working day, you may well limit the consumption of fast food. You can eat nutritious foods that will not contain many calories. For example, if you are hungry, you can have a healthy snack, such as yogurt, raisins or nuts.

Have you decided to change your unhealthy eating habits? Then it is recommended to start with a healthy breakfast meal. Eating healthy at the beginning of the day is important because breakfast is the main meal of the day. If you started the day with a healthy meal, it will be easier for you to continue in the same vein.

To avoid junk food during the day, take some tasty and healthy food from home to your workplace. Have a snack in a quieter and more enjoyable place with plenty of fresh air and light. Such a pleasant meal will definitely allow you to make your lifestyle more healthy.

Try to move more during breaks and in the afternoon. Such a simple habit will help you avoid the accumulation of unwanted kilograms, which will subsequently be difficult to lose. Avoid eating food at your workplace, because when you are busy, it is unlikely that you can control the amount of food eaten.

How often do you eat sweets and other sweets in order to increase your energy? Most likely, quite often. However, sweets contain the so-called “fast” carbohydrates, which will make you more energetic and cheerful, but only for a short time, and after that we will have problems with the accumulated extra pounds. Try replacing sweets with a glass of plain water. Believe me, this will wake you up much faster than a chocolate bar. If you still want something sweet and tasty, you can eat some nuts or raisins. This way you are not at risk of being overweight.

The content of the article

Morning mood

There is nothing more important than the mood in the morning. If you wake up and immediately pick up the phone, then you run the risk of running into unpleasant news. Or immediately start thinking about everything in a negative light. You can’t do this. Better start your morning with meditation, and with a cup of tea, think about what a wonderful day will be today.

When your family calls you for a walk, you nod, agree, and then find any excuses to stay at home. You do not see value in walks. After all, it’s much more useful to finish the article you’ve begun or to complete another important work.

However, your brain needs a break. Only by changing the situation, you will give yourself a break and recharge with creative energy. Simple walks nourish your brain with oxygen, and give you the opportunity to get rid of excess calories.

How not to gain weight if you have a sedentary lifestyle

It’s incredible, but true: even in office life there are rules that do not turn into a donut (such as we gladly out of habit together with colleagues to drink coffee or tea) and not lose the taste for an active lifestyle (even if at work and a comfortable car rolls you home).

American scientists conducted a sociological study, dividing people with obesity by specialty. In the United States, government officials, public utilities and (this is an unexpected turn) media leaders turned out to be leaders in gaining weight at work. Among civil servants, in turn, police, prison guards and health care workers were leaders. Quite unexpectedly, right?

Unfortunately, no one has conducted such experiments at our latitudes, therefore, alas, such statistics cannot be found. However, we all remember the colorful aunts from the Soviet ZhEKs, who clearly did not look like fans of an active lifestyle. If you don't want to be like them, follow our tips.

Empty calories

There is always the temptation to eat some junk food. However, this desire arises only when you have similar food in your refrigerator.

In order not to buy empty calories, use the following rules

Appetizing eclairs and juicy burgers always cause appetite. When you want to buy them, ask yourself if you want them as soon as you leave the store.

Always eat tight before going to the store. If you do not have time to dine, drink water with mint.

When you see a product at a discount, ask yourself if you would take it at the original price.

Your brain may ask for delicious cookies and say that you don’t eat a lot of them. Do not listen to such thoughts, leave immediately.

The basic laws of a healthy life and a good figure of a sedentary office employee

  1. You need breakfast at home and in no hurry.

Many people sin because they do not have time / do not want to have breakfast at home, but interrupt in the office with a coffee maker with cookies. And this is the right path not only to excess weight, but also to problems with the digestive tract.

You need to have breakfast at home - thoroughly, leisurely and with pleasure (as with any other meal). For the sake of preparing a wholesome and nutritious breakfast, you can get up 15 minutes earlier. But then you don’t want to eat office coffee with harmful sweets due to the brutal feeling of hunger. And if in the morning you have no appetite, try to go to bed hungry a couple of times in the evening - and in the morning your appetite will quickly wake up.

  1. It is worth using every opportunity for movement.

Always keep in mind a catch phrase: movement is life.

As soon as there was a free 10-minute (or you just need to unload the overstressed brain), go not to the smoking room or to the coffee machine, but to the street. And not just ventilate, but walk at least a few hundred meters around.

If you simply don’t have free time at work, get up in the morning 40 minutes earlier for a run. In the end, you can simply refuse to use the elevator in favor of the stairs (to any floor!), And from transport at any convenient opportunity, in favor of a peppy walk. They say correctly: whoever wants is looking for opportunities. Look for them and you.

And during the lunch break, you can allocate 10-15 minutes and do some exercises, not even moving away from the workplace.

Options for exercises that can be done right at the office:

- Push-ups from the table and from the chair (on triceps).

- Squats (including against the wall with the body held in this position with a straight back for 30 seconds).

- Pulling the knees to the chest, sitting on a chair with a straight back (on the press).

- Simple exercises for muscle stretching (bending and bending, to put your hands behind the castle with a lock, pull the heel alternately to the buttock).

  1. To speed up the metabolism, just drink plenty of clean water.

A commonplace rule that many forget. But if you drink your norm of water per day, then you will want to eat less, and metabolism will accelerate naturally. Everything ingenious is simple! Calculating your individual daily intake is easy - 30 ml per kilogram of weight. However, we are talking exclusively about clean water (tea, coffee, juices, fruit drinks are not taken into account, moreover, you need to drink an additional glass of water for each cup of coffee, since caffeine dehydrates the body's cells).

  1. Just get enough sleep.

The most difficult rule for modern man. But it is worth the effort.

The relationship between sleep and nutrition is more serious and deeper than it might seem at first glance. Scientists from different countries have long proved that people who are not sleeping enough have an increased appetite - that is, they eat a lot of excess per day.

So things will wait until the next morning, but your favorite pillow - no!

The healthy diet is always the same: eat often (every 2-3 hours) and in small portions, refuse junk food, try to eat at the same time.

The optimal diet: three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two intermediate snacks (but not snacks!).

How to replace cookies, cakes and snacks?

Options for healthy snacks:

- berries and fruits - better apples, citrus fruits, seasonal fruits (only not in kilograms, since these are also carbohydrates and natural sugar),

- dried fruits (the lowest-calorie ones - dried apricots, prunes, home-made ("grandmother") drying from apples, pears, plums, apricots),

- unsweetened natural yogurt or kefir,

- hard-boiled egg,

- vegetables (cucumbers, celery stalks, baby carrots in packages are very convenient),

- A mixture of nuts (but not more than 30 g per day, since nuts are very high in calories).

All the reasons not to lead a healthy lifestyle, allegedly due to lack of time, are just excuses. Find an honest excuse to break the vicious circle - and very soon healthy habits will become your second self, and colleagues inspired by your example will thank you and also join you.

Look for a meal replacement

Of course, you have the right to eat when you are hungry, but if you go to the refrigerator just because you want to justifiably delay the time to complete an unpleasant task, then you need to look for another way out.

Perhaps you are tired and you need a break in the form of a walk. Or for some reason you can’t do the job right now. Set it aside for another time. If the truth came down to feel hunger, take a healthy snack.

1. Eat regularly

Never leave your home until you have a full breakfast. Croissants and coffee, which you can buy on the way to work, is not something that will benefit your body. Imagine how many calories there are! It is better to ensure a healthy and healthy breakfast: cereal with yogurt, oatmeal, fruits. Never skip meals! Try to eat at least 3 times a day.

2. Make dinner at home

As you already understood, you need to eat not only in the morning, but also at lunch. Since you are at work at this time, it is best to take care of your diet in advance. Do not buy food in cafes and buffets! Make a salad or chicken breast at home, which you can eat with whole grain bread. Oh yes, do not use mayonnaise for salads! Let it be useful dressings: spices, olive oil.

3. Drive

Even if you have a small office and a lot of people, this does not mean that you should stick to the chair and not get up all day. Be sure to take yourself a walk! For example, since you brought lunch with you, you can take it and go to the nearest park, where you can have a snack, and then go back again.

At the workplace, you can also arrange yourself a small workout. Stand up and jump, walk around, pull the back. Do not be shy, because your health and your weight depend on it!

6. If snacks - then only useful

One way or another, but sometimes a snack is often not avoided. In order not to run after something harmful, make sure that you have fruits, dried fruits, nuts in your workplace. So you can avoid the tempting offers from colleagues who are so kindly willing to treat you with candy.

EIf you follow these rules, you can not gain weight, but also not feel hungry during the working day.

Take care of your health!

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